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Why Choose Mars

Multi-Language Neural Document Translation Solutions

As compared to Rule-Based(RBMT) and Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), our NMT is way more reliable, producing better and consistent results.

With AI-Based machine learning, our NMT engine is producing quality translations for a range of languages. The number of languages we cover for NMT is growing with time, and soon we will add more languages to facilitate your global communication.

Organized Machine
Translation Model

Get your high-volume projects translated in the fastest and the most organized way with our neural network translator.

Starting from $1 per 1000 words, we are offering highly economical NMT translations suitable for your bulk projects.

Why Choose Mars

How it Works

Get Your Content Translated in 3 Simple Steps!

  • Project Assessment

    Source content is analyzed to identify the subject matter and expected output quality for target languages.

  • Content Preparation

    After the assessment of your translatable content, we make the necessary preparations to get started.

  • Neural Document Translation

    Our advanced NMT engine is used to translate the content into target languages in a fast turnaround.


Key Benefits of using NMT

Neural Document Translation offers plenty of Benefits

  • Quality

    Improved quality translation with better fluency and accuracy for all big and small projects

  • Affordability

    Economical solutions for translating websites, presentations, documents, and a lot more.

  • Speed

    Automated translation for your bulk projects to meet tight deadlines without affecting quality.


Why Choose Mars Translation for NMT

With continuously improving technology, we are providing fast AI-based neural translation.
Our rich database comes from a range of sources including:

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Using the automated learning process and bilingual database collected from multiple sources, we are providing fast and high-quality machine translation services to meet your expectations in terms of quality, affordability, and rapid turnaround.

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