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Don’t be a copy of others opinion for you; Important is to be yourself.


If you try to understand and consider the basic problem today people are suffering with is the Social Labeling and Stigmatization. There are thousands of researches made on it and a lot of medical journals are being published as well. These medical journals and research papers are playing a vital role regarding the awareness level of the people. Initially people were not aware that what actually a stigma is and how it influences the psychological health of others. Thereby the use of the Online Certified Translation Services, it is playing a wonderful role in promoting the awareness among people.

Labeling others is sometimes, the manifestations of one’s own COMPLEXES.

It is a negative judgment about the others for some specific attributes such as if someone is having any mental health condition accused of depression or any Bipolar disorder. You can see people understand the meaning of any fact, according to their own belief. Some are interested to follow it just due to a set pattern of SO-CALLED stereotypes.

The need to publish so many medical journals on this element is to bring people to a ground, where they can know a stigma has a tremendously harmful impact on people. You need to know how stigma looks like, how is it devastating the mental health of others and how can you cope with it.

Types of Stigma:

You need to know how stigmatization is affecting the mental health of others. Firstly, it is important for you to know the types of stigma. In the English Journal, it is being published that there are basically two types of stigma, Overt and Subtle. If, you want to understand overt, it is a type in which people comment about other people regarding their illness and disseminate them. It is such a worst part; you may not understand the adverse consequences. People those who were recovering lost all their Hope to recover and started under estimating themselves. Why? Just due to the social labeling. There is a need to give exposure about its severe consequences.

All impacts were being highlighted in this medical journal. You can access this journal and improve the thinking pattern of others as well. Still, if you meet any language conflict, you can overcome it by the use of the English Journal Translation Services. It is a reliable service and you can use it for the sake of translation tasks.

Considering the other, it is the subtle labeling. In this, the people start believing and perpetuating the many destructive myths about mental illness. All their superstitious believes, to whom they find no hesitation in imposing on others. They just label them as the people suffering with any mental illness are Violent and Dangerous.

Negative effects of Labeling:

In many medical journals it is being mentioned again and again, stigma around the mental health conditions can make people feel ashamed and discouraged to get a certain treatment for it. It is because they hesitate to speak up and get help.

Moreover, about 22 percent of American adults are suffering from the mental health conditions. It might be depression or any mood disorder and almost a half of them don’t seek treatment, according to the U.S Substance and Abuse mental health Services Administration. Why is it so? They are actually afraid of being stigmatized by any specific disorder; this is all, which stops them from getting proper help.

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So, there a lot of points to cover in the medical journals like Refusal to seek help and why stigma is persisting factor to be glared? Stigma has a lot of side effects; it can lead friends and families to reject the loved ones. This is in actual devastating, because SOCIAL SUPPORT is the key to recovery and if people are part themselves of Labeling, how can one recover.

You are not usually aware of how your words and actions might affect others deeply and you don’t know how persisting the consequences can be. It may lead someone to encounter physical harassment, which can be an extra stress.

Stigmatization is the insurance to make sure the lack of RECOVERY for the mental illness.

Ways to cope with Social Labeling:

As you know if there are some devastating points, ultimately you can help others by some other means.

  • Promote education:

It is obviously a fact that knowledge is the best way to combat stigma and you can help others by generating awareness and making them able to explore the positive parts in one’s personality. You need to give people awareness about the mental illness; it is not a disorder which can’t be fixed.

Human WILL-POWER is strong enough to make him fight and Win anything.

  • Self-awareness about your condition:

It entirely depends on you, how you govern yourself or let others handle your emotional tools. It is important to remember always, that an illness can never define. On this, aspects there are a lot of publications in medical journals. All these researches being published in the medical journals are made successful by the experts and medical professionals.

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Moreover, you yourself if want to publish any medical journal in U.S, on the impacts and coping strategies of Social Labeling, make sure to enlighten all necessary aspects. Though, it is important to get it translated into English, so everyone there can access it without any problem. For this, the use of the English Journals Translation Services is reliable enough; it will save your time too.