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Economical Revolution In Korea


The 21st century world is over wealthy but there are some aspects that contradict this abundance. Among seven billion people on earth 1 out 5 survive on less than 1 dollar per day. 1 out of 4 people do not have access to drinkable water. 1 of 8 people suffers from malnutrition. There people who live in absolute and inescapable poverty.

Korea was a country in object poverty, with its land ravaged by war and did not have even the most meager resources. This country had no future, and would not be restored even after 100 years, imagine that how a rose can blossom from a garbage dump.

However 60 years later Korea has become a global power with world’s 12 largest economies. Korea has gone through an amazingly rapid and successful technological transformation. If you wish to be the part of Korea business you can have access by consulting language translation services. As many software companies did business with Korea by taking help from Korean installation manuals translation services to popularize there software in Korea.

How did Korea once the poorest country in the world manage to escape the clutches of poverty and achieve such an astounding success?

In 1945 Korea gain independence from 36 years of Japan occupational rule. But the Korean War broke out even before they could enjoy the fruits of their new found freedom. Taking the tool of 5000 casualties the Korean War left the reformed republic in the state of devastation.

However during the busy efforts of restoration it was nothing but education, which became the nation highest priority. Despite the war devastation the government continues to invest in education. This dedication and investment in education bring out the highly trained work force that was later on became the impotence for Korea economic Turnaround.

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With the time Korea impressed the whole world with its remarkable success. This success was possible due to the aggressive support of Korean government.  Korea emerged as the world third ranked semi conductor producer and succeeded in developing state of the yard 64K DRAM which led to its global leadership into the industry.

Korea also attempted a revolution in the information technology industry. The cutting agenda princes that were founded during the IT boom provided the new stimulus to the economy enabling Korea to become IT power in a matter of years.

They covered up all the world market by their products, and now they are providing many countries with the translated installation manuals with their software by taking help from Korean Installation Manuals translation services. Korea is one of the early countries to use Internet and has a strong history of innovation in technology.

The Korean Installation Manuals translation services are available over internet with less cost to translate different installation manual to interact with different other cultures. By these techniques in about 10 years Korea managed to secure a dominant share of the global market and is currently the world leader of industry. Korea is taking on many challenges for the world’s future as a responsible member of the international community.