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8 Important Facts about Marriage Certificates Translation


A marriage certificate is an official document that legally confirms that two people have entered into a marriage ceremony. In most of the jurisdictions, a government official usually issues it only after the marriage is registered in the civil court. This certificate can be required for quite a number of reasons. It can be required as evidence of changing one of the person’s surnames, issues relating to the authority of the child, while filing for divorce and many other reasons.

In the Middle East, marriage certificate is considered as a legal contract that is entered together between two people. Here, both the groom and bride agree to get married with mutual consent. This formal binding contract is very essential because it outlines the fundamental responsibilities of both the bride and the groom. If you want to get married in the Middle East, then you require at least two witnesses from both the sides. Want to know more about the marriage certificates in the Middle East, stay connected to the Arabic Marriage Certificates Translation Services.

Getting married is one of the most important events in a person’s life. After the wedding, the marriage certificates documentation becomes very important for a variety of identification needs. If you are an outsider, and are unaware of the Arabic language, you can take help from the Documents Translation Services. As the marriage certificate plays a vital role in your life, let’s check out some of its importance.

  • A marriage certificate is considered as the most essential document of a marriage because it provides you evidence that you are legally married.
  • A marriage certificate is required when applying for a passport and even for opening up a new bank account later on.
  • If anyone wants to purchase a life insurance policy after getting married, here is where the marriage certificate comes in handy.
  • Obviously, it is important because it is a contract of love and good bonding between both the couples. It is also a main and legal document for a healthy family.
  •  The marriage certificate is highly required for claiming financial support for the wife and children if for instance the marriage is towards the end.

 If Arabic is not your first language and you are not able to read or understand it, then you can use the Arabic Translation Services because these services are not only cost effective but also provide the best Quality Translation Services. Similarly, Arabic Marriage Certificates Translation Services can be applied, if you get married in the Middle East and your marriage certificate is in Arabic.

  • A marriage certificate is very important especially when the division of the marital properties between the husband and wife takes place if the marriage is ending.
  • It is the only legal proof anywhere in the world by which a lot of unknown legal issues can be resolved.
  • You will need your marriage certificate, if you want to update your driver’s license, social security card and several other official forms of identification.

Though a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper but you never know when that piece of paper can come in handy. Do remember to hire the Arabic Marriage Certificates Translation Services, in case you want more information about the marriage certificates in the Middle East.