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Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


You may have heard of email marketing several times on the internet, at different conferences and even during marketing strategy meetings. Many people think that email marketing enhances business communications, and targets specific key markets. Along with being cost effective, it is also environmentally friendly. But, do you really know what exactly is email marketing and how does it work?

In many countries, even in the Middle-East, email marketing takes place when a company sends a commercial message to a group of people using electronic email. Whether done through advertisements, request for business or sales, any email communication is imagined as an email marketing, if it helps you to build up customer loyalty, trust in a company or recognizing your brand. Never forget that 9 out of 10 companies would prefer to do business in their native language. Arabic Translation Services for emails can assist you here, by translating the emails in different languages.

Here are some great tips relating to email marketing that you should implement right away.

Send the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time

Not every email will be relevant to everyone in your client list. So, be very sure you have divided your emails into various groups or categories. More on, you need to design custom emails for each group. Also, try to send your emails on different days and times, so it does not create a mess. Whether you plan to send your company updates or daily or weekly deals, it is very important to inform your clients, what to expect and how often to expect it.

Email marketing has become a very essential communication tool, in today’s digitally focused environment, where global email marketing has broken the communication barriers of different cultures. Online Documents Translation Services Agency simplifies the process of email translations, keeping the translated content as valuable as it was originally written.

Make Sure Your Email Provides Valuable Information

Understand the goal of your email and make sure that it is specific and measurable. Whatever your goal is, also try to make your call-to-action according to it. Along with this, make sure your email is in the position to help you achieve your goal, and that it provides valuable information, which is loud and clear.

Marketing is often thought to be an intrusion into several people’s privacy. But, the fact it that without it no one would know what to buy and how much to pay for. There are many online marketing translation services like Online Certified Translation Services Agency, which serve as a vital link between global markets. These agencies help companies cross barriers that would be otherwise impossible.

Have a Compelling Subject Line

Many people decide whether or not to open an email, simply by just looking at the subject line. Since, it is the first thing people see, it has to be very important. This is the reason why it is very necessary to be sure, which the subject line is very attractive by keeping it short and sweet with not more than 50 characters. An effective subject always catches the eye of the client, and creates a sense of curiosity, urgency and excitement.

Many expert translators from the Professional Industry Expert Translation Services Company have made it much easier for many businesses to expand in foreign countries. As businesses started to communicate with the other countries, translation became the basic part of their marketing business. Earlier, it was not easy to communicate with the other countries, because of the huge gap between languages.

Make Sure Your Email Is Mobile Friendly

It is very crucial that your email should be nicely formatted and look attractive to the eye. This includes using bullet points where necessary, and breaking the content into short lines or paragraphs. In case your email looks boring, your client will not pay any attention to it and discard it. Today, where the usage of smart phones has become a necessity, you may have to make sure your email is optimized for this device.

If you want your business to globally market, you have to target the markets throughout the world. Wherever the word globalization comes, it is always attached to cultural and language differences. That is why, there is a huge need to communicate accordingly. In order to flourish your business all over the world, you can make use of the Arabic Emails Translation Services.

Make Your Email Scannable

Every other person receives bundles of email each day. They are so tired of reading long and messy emails that they will not even bother to read yours. So, just to be on the safe side let them believe that you have their undivided attention. Instead of one long, boring paragraph, it is better to break down your email content into short paragraphs. You can also make it more interesting, by including subheadings and images to guide your client through your emails, making it easier for them to scan.

In a way, many of the email marketing translation services create a bridge between clients in different countries. They are supposed to help standardize and customize your marketing campaigns, bringing them closer to one common denominator. These services also focus on what the email marketing is intended to convey, and then translate that in the required language.

Track and Analyze Your Results

You need to pay a lot of attention to find out how successful your email was. If your email was sent to a group of clients, you can easily check who opened and read your email. This shows which clients are particularly interested in your message, and may want to further on do more business with you. By doing this, you will also find out which of your clients are serious about your work and which are not.

Put Your Email on a Test

The emails that you have sent to your clients, through your computer, will appear differently than the ones you have sent to a mobile device. You can do this by sending a test email to one of your colleagues, just to make sure that your emails are looking good on both big and small screens. This process of testing can reveal the mistakes, which you can correct before sending the email.

There are too many examples of email marketing going wrong, because many companies don’t bother to hire a linguistic expert to check the accuracy about your email. There is a wide variety in email marketing translation, to simply rely on one translation service company who happens to speak the local language of a target market.

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