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Evaluating Five Level Training Process By Translation Services


When you are developing a training program for any purpose, studding Addie model can be really beneficial. Addie model completely explains all the phases of training module needed to design any program. There was issue of understanding of Addie model because of the language issue as it was not available in any other language. This issue was resolved by some language translation services, by giving several language versions of Addie model.

Especially in Spain many companies developed excellent training programs, by taking help from Spanish (Europe) Training Material translation services. If you want Addie model to be implemented in your training program you should also go for some quality services to understand it completely. Before hiring any translation service, make sure it is authentic and provides the quality translation services otherwise it would totally change the format and meaning of training model.

 By following the steps of Addie model you can easily design your training program. The five main levels of Addie models are as following:


In the first step you preplan the whole program by answer some of the questions which involve the detail about:

  • Goal or main objective of the training program you are developing.
  • Detail about target audience which involves language, area, age, literacy rate etc.
  • The content and material you are going to use.
  • Identify the environment and the way you would deliver the training instructions (online or in person).
  • Define constrain of your program.
  • Identify the time period of the training program.


Second step is to design your training program, in which every designing strategy would be involved. Decide how the material of the program would be designed, lesson planning according to the target audience is important. Which services you are using to convey your message to the audience, like document translation services needed for the audience whose native language is different. For Spanish language Spanish (Europe) Training Material translation services can really be helpful.


In the third step we modify the second step by developing and assembling the work mentioned in the designing step. In the development stage we also use different software for slide representation, photo editing, video editing and other developing tools.


In this stage the plan is finalized by performing different kinds of duties according to the program. Like trainers are given training, online training modules are installed, and going live with training program.


Last but the least, it is the main step to know whether your training program is delivered appropriately as you aimed. Ask the questions from the learners, or ask them to practice as you trained and see what they have learned. In this way you would get to know that at what level the learners have learned and what modifications are needed to make your training program more effective.

Most of all, the basic thing is communication, language should be correct, take help from Spanish (Europe) Training Material translation services to clearly communicate without any mistake.