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Finance as the Research Quality Determinant


Now days, there are many medical researches taking place in our society to bring modification in our system. Actually, these researches are bringing an ease and awareness among people.  

Why people in earlier days were not aware of the diseases, cures and preventions? The reason was at that time, there were no such tremendous medical researches to cope with the environmental and other factors, which influence the human health.

The problem found was, the medical researches were only available in the native language of that specific country. As the time passed, the medical researches were pretty modified and use of Certified Human Translation Services was abundantly used. This service is remarkably serving to compensate the understanding issues.

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research. Would it Be?

                                                                                                                     -Albert Einstein

Effect of Emotional Eating:

In Thailand, many influencing medical researches are made to modify the human health. One of them is how Emotional Eating promotes Obesity? This is a big picture, which is yet not framed. What can be the cause of the Emotional eating and how it comes up with Obesity?

During the research, it is thought that Stress influences the Human Eating Behavior. For your understanding the stress-eating relation is confounded by the limitations in different study designs.

Stress appears to alter the overall food intake in two ways, resulting in under and Overeating, this may influenced by the stressor severity.

Chronic Life Stress seems to be associated with the greater preference of the energy. Evidences suggest from the Longitudinal Studies in Thailand, Chronic life stress may be causally linked to the weight gain. Stress Inducing eating may be one factor contributing to the development of Obesity.

This is a very effective research, which helps you to know the stress-eating relation and how stress might be linked to the Neurotransmitters and Hormones. The major fact is these hormones control the level of Appetite. This tells you how emotional-eating causes obesity. But no one understands the major cause of obesity, if linked to the emotional eating is STRESS.

So, according to the latest medical research in Thailand, it is important to uproot stress. This will promote a healthy balanced life.  For the proper access of these researches, the professionals are widely using the Thailand Researches Translation Services. The scope of the translation services has grown due to the vast development and progress in science.

Drawbacks of the Medical Researches:

There are many drawbacks of the medical researches of now days, which are as follows:

Financial Dilemma:

One of the most important things to know about the medical researches, it is indeed a profession. Researchers of now days are more tuned with the money, salaries and grants. Usually just to meet the criteria and to get more research projects and publications, they get more sponsors and higher their income.

Usually if the researchers have got a project related to some patentable device or drug, their intellectual property rights is to throw it into some compensation packages. So, for the money grubbing they usually compromise the actual quality and quantity too.

There are some set social and other quality standards necessary to complete a research. But the annoying part is until or unless, they are not paid for it, the work does not get done properly.

Research Quality Determinant:

  • You can say the funding sources of the research can be government or private as well. It seems hilarious too; money is actually going to determine the quality of the research done.
  • If you want to access the drawbacks of the medical researches in different countries, you can see their research articles on this topic. For a safe understanding you can use the Professional Human Translation Services. This service will render you a proper understanding of the research articles in your native language.
  • Most of the money for the medical researches comes from the private sectors, because they are getting an aid for their Drug Publication and these researches help to dominate their modern Medicine. It is actually the public-private partnership, which gives the pharmaceutical industry, governmental power for the health care research. Undoubtedly the medical researches help a lot to promote exposure among the generation. But there are many factors, which compromise the quality of the research.
  • Government funding is little different they are actually lobbied with the drug companies and are governed by the doctors and paid by the drug companies. So, Government funding does not give more aid to the researchers.
  • Research into non drug alternatives is rarely done for this reason.  The basic criticism on the latest medical researches, they focus more on Treatment than the Cause. This might be due to the low level of medical claims. Low level of medical claims is due to the lack of knowledge about the cause and effect of any disease.  
  • The treatment is profitable undoubtedly, but the flaw is they are only translating the treatment by using the Professional Human Translation. It is important for the researchers to translate the CAUSES, EFFECTS too.

Though, this is a big scam to hold on. It is acquiring lots of scope to fulfill the public demand. For this, even the public is taxed higher and begged donations to pay for the medical researches. This will ultimately discover the different drug treatments. The agitating part is if the drug, which is highly publicized in the researches in different domains have side effects, it only leads to more call for MONEY to find a newer drug with other specifications.

He who does not research, has NOTHING to TEACH

Although, the medical researches have great contribution in our medical field, but it’s important to keep the whole process legal and authentic. If you have shifted to Thailand and you want to publish your medical research, it is your utmost duty to get translated in other languages. This will promote a better understanding.  For this, the use of the Thai Translation Services for Researches is also significant. It will speed up your work of research and enable a better understanding as well.

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