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5 Phases of ASAP Methodology


To implement SAP projects Accelerated SAP methodology is used to sought out the technicality. Accelerated SAP is the part of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which is used to plan the SAP projects. It would be really difficult to handle SAP projects without planning them appropriately. It is important to learn all the technical specification of ASAP methodology to run the project properly. Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Technical Specifications Translation Services can be really helpful if you want to work for any Chinese SAP project.

Language Translator services are really helpful in the case of learning technical specification about any procedure. But be sure of the quality of the services like Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) Technical Specifications Translation Services before getting it for your important Documents Translation Services. The ASAP methodology helps you to get the proper framework for implementation of SAP in the software development life cycle.

ASAP methodology is divided into five main Phases to implement the plan which offers the complete guide for documentation, recommendation and implementation.

Phase 1:

The phase 1 is recommendation, which helps to set the right goal of ASAP to prepare or plan the project. In this phase the procedure is divided into three steps which are, know the implementation scope, make a team into three basic parts which are core, project management and the consultants and the third step is to define the sequence of the project. These are the recommended steps; it can be changed according to the procedure.

Phase 2:

The next phase is to examine business blueprints to collect the necessary information for the project implementation. Blueprints are actually the documents containing business details, which are used to process the goals and objects while examining business requirement.

Phase 3:

This is realization phase in which team member are ready to configure the SAP project. It is divided into two parts, first one is base line configuration in which major scope of their project is set and the second is named as final configuration in which the remaining scope in configured.

Phase 4:

It is final preparation of the project to go live. In this phase every critical issue is resolved to bring out the fine project. Final preparation of the project ensure that the project is ready for the implementation over SAP system

Phase 5:

This is the last phase of ASAP methodology in which the project is ready to go live. This phase moves from the pre production planning to live production.

These five phases of ASAP methodology can be translated into any language to understand it completely by ß. These services allow you to know all the technicality of any software or procedure. The detailed study of five phases of ASAP methodology would help you to pass out the implementation stage of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and then move to the testing procedure. This ASAP methodology helps you to make your work easier for the project management.