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History Of Animation


Animation is the continuous display of images to create allusion of movement. Animation is possible because of the persistent of vision discovered by Peter Roget in 1820. The persistent of vision causes images to look like they are still there longer than they actually are, causing the drawings of animations to blur together.

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Animation is been around a more than century, and with the help of technology it has changed in numerous and incurable animation. Begins from simple black and white frame by frame to amazing CGI that we see today. The production of animation has brought entertainment, joy and expression of imagination beyond the wildest dream of the society. But how exactly animation did get started and why it is so commonly used. Here is the little history of animation

  • In 1872: Fenaquistiscopio is an optical allusion toy with the rotating disk, to make it look like a moving picture
  • In 1898: stop motion animation was invented, it taking of many pictures and putting them together to form animation. Humpty dumpty was first features film to you stop motion animation.
  • In 1914: one trained dinosaur was created, it was of the first cell-animated films. Cell animation is one of the background is drawn separately than the characters. The background is put in the clear box and the characters are put in top of it in their own separate box, and then photographed. This saved animators a lot of time because they have to redraw the background every time.
  • In 1915: Rotoscope process was patterned, it is life potages trace.
  • In 1923: Disney brother cartoon studio was formed.
  • In 1928: first animation with sound was created at the Disney brother cartoon studio.
  • In 1930: Warner Bros cartoon were created.
  • In 1967: the first CGI animation was made by Charles Csuri and James Shaffer. CGI stands for computer generated imagery, which is normally associated with 3-D. CGI is any picture generated by computer and not drawn by human. There are many moves that used CGI animation is it for certain effects like star wars, the alleins the matrix and so on.

Today many cartoon and TV still use traditional animation but computers have become the big part of animations process. It is really amazing to see now the variation in animations has brought it on another level. Today the experts are designing marvelous creations in animation, by the help of new software introduced in the market. You can also learn to make animation by going through this software by consulting Certified Language Translation Company like Portuguese (Europe) Reference Guides translation services.

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