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How Can I Get The Best Translation Services


In the modern globalized world, businesses worldwide are expanding in foreign markets to seek new opportunities. Almost 52% of consumers all over the world tend to buy the products which are advertised in their native language. This is because they better understand the product or service in their native language and hence create a sense of affiliation and ownership with it. Therefore, translation of the content from the source language to the native language of the target region is considered to be the backbone of any business.  Choosing a person based on his nationality or the language he/she speaks is not enough. While there is much more to consider while selecting a translation expert other than just language, some companies hire native translators based solely on their linguistic capabilities. Following are some factors which you need to consider carefully before selecting a translation company to translate your content:

Choose the Company with Native and Professional Translators

First of all, it is important that the native speaker should be a translation expert because only he will be able to deal with translation barriers such as the translation of idioms, proverbs, and cultural-specific terms. Moreover, he will be able to deal with the expansion or contraction of text during the translation process. Secondly, the translator’s area of expertise is also very crucial, for instance, an IT expert will not be able to translate medical documents as precisely as a health care expert. Therefore it is important to choose the translation company that is offering professional translation done by the experts of your required industry. You need to ask the translation service you are working with about the certification and qualification of their translators in order to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of your translated content. Lack of experience in an industry will result in sub-standard translation and eventually will cost the reputation of your product.

Localization is the Key to a Successful Business

Localization is the most important step for expanding your business in foreign markets and to reach international customers. Without localization, you cannot be completely sure that the message you are trying to convey is comprehensible for your target audience or not. Localization is the process of altering and tailoring the content in such a way as to make it completely adaptive to the local culture of the target region, in order to provide a familiar experience to the target audience. Because it is possible that some cultures may not be favorably disposed toward one another even if they share the same language. A thing acceptable in one culture may be unacceptable in another. There are also possibilities that your message fails to deliver. Therefore it is important to hire a professional company that is able to effectively localize your content rather than simply translating it. Selecting the best language translation service can be a daunting task. To ensure a precise translation, it is always best for you to choose a company with experience, dedication, and a professional team.

Check the Quality Assurance Mechanism

Hiring professional translators is no doubt important but if you want to ensure a precise translation each time without any flaws, you will have to select a firm with an advanced degree management system and quality control procedure. Professional translators working for top translation services rarely make mistakes, but human beings are not perfect and are prone to mistakes, therefore, you need to have peace of mind if they make any mistake by knowing that the company you are paying to will take care of these errors or mistakes and will try to ensure these are put right before delivering you the final product. Only hire the company providing a guarantee that your translation will be thoroughly rechecked, reviewed, and proofread before submitting it to you.

Inquire for the Turnaround Time

Before selecting a translation company, research the turnaround times of the company to ensure if it can meet the deadlines or not. A professional translation service works with native translators from all over the world living and performing their duties in other time zones. It is important to select a company that is able to provide quality translation in a given time and has the potential to carry out orders outside their standard working hours. Translators from different regions dedicate time and respect your work schedule by constantly delivering your order before the deadline. A successful translation company is able to draw on a pool of international translators. In order to check the turnaround time of a translation firm, have a look at the remarks and reviews of the customers who get their translations done from that particular company.

Get Hands-on Pricing Beforehand

Being a customer, it is important to ask about the pricing of the company and how much are you expected to pay for the translation of your content beforehand. However, most of the translation companies carefully review the content or text you want to get translated before quoting any price for the assignment. The reason is that the level of difficulty of each task varies greatly depending on how technical the translation is, the industry it covers, the language in which the translation is required, etc. Reviewing the content before translating also enables the translation companies to offer any possible discount for the repeated content and previously translated text. It is also important to note that the per-word price is not for translation alone but it includes other charges as well such as project management, quality assurance, and proofreading. Therefore, it is important to conduct a cost-benefit analysis before selecting the translation company to do your job.

Plan Ahead- Consider a Company with Maximum Languages

One of the most significant factors to consider while selecting a translation service is to look for the number of languages they are offering the translation in. Although they need to be experts in a handful of languages that are related to your project only, going for a company offering professional translations in other languages of the world is a step ahead. It is possible that you plan to expand your business to new markets in the coming future, therefore, it is preferable to choose a company that deals in almost all major languages of the world. In this way, you won’t have to go through the same process of selecting the best translation service all over again, or won’t have to deal with two different translation companies that add to your problem.


Selecting the best translation service is the most important business decision which decides the success or failure of your business. Poorly translated content reflects the unprofessional attitude and eventually leads to the loss of trust in your product. Keeping these six factors in mind will enable you to select the perfect translation services for accurately and precisely translating your content into the target language. Here at Mars Translations, we have a team of highly qualified and professional native translators. We believe in delivering quality services at the most reasonable price to help you expand your business. Contact us today and get your hands on one of the best translation providers across the globe. 

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