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How Can You Get Married To a Chinese Citizen in China?


International marriages, those between foreigners and Chinese citizens, have become increasingly common these days. The laws and procedures of this marriage depend on the country that you are marrying in. Getting married again in your country is not essential, as this certificate is recognized worldwide. Some issues like the minimum age of a person who can marry, and having multiple spouses in some cultures can cause a marriage to be invalid.

According to the Chinese authorities, foreign citizens who want to marry in China are required to obtain a signed declaration in front of a Consular office. This declaration certifies that the person is single and eligible to get married. These foreign citizens also have to keep in mind that the every marriage registration office has its own procedures and documentation requirements.  

If a foreigner is marrying a Chinese citizen, the only official documents that are required are a declaration form and a valid visa. Since, you are not a Chinese citizen; you will have to take help from the translation services like Chinese Simplified Marriage Certificates Translation Services available here, to translate your documentation in the Chinese language.

Have a look at the procedures followed to get married here in China.

You, being a foreigner, have to submit a signed and attested declaration form, which declares that you are single and can get married. Every country has its own way of providing this form. Some countries offer these services through an embassy while some through a consulate.

As you are not from China, your declaration form will be in the language from which country you belong. If you wish to obtain this form from your country, using Certified Language Translation Service Provider can help you with the exact translation of this declaration form in the Chinese language.

According to the law of the local government, your next step is to provide a notarized affidavit. This includes not only having the document signed, but also having it witnessed by a notary public in your legal system. Being a foreigner, you can consult with the Certified Language Translation Provider to get this affidavit translated for legal use.

You also need to complete the application for Authentication for Notarization form, in front of the local Chinese consulate, and then submit it for authentication. But because you have come from another country, it can be very difficult for you to understand the application form. You can therefore; find many translation service providers who can help you here. Certified Language Translation Services Provider can be very beneficial to help you follow the basic procedures to get married in a country, where your language is not the same.

So, in order to understand all the legal issues, while getting married to a Chinese citizen, understanding the Chinese language is highly important. This is the main reason why there are different certified and experienced translation services similar to the Chinese Simplified Marriage Certificates Translation Services, who can provide you with the exact and accurate translations in many languages.