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How to File a Request to Access Your Official Military Personnel Records


The official military personnel file is basically a managerial record, which contains information about the person’s entire service records, such as the date and type of the appointment, to which station his duty is set up along with his assignments, his qualification, his training, performance, disciplinary actions and many more.

Along with the passage of time, the military service departments moderately began to retain their personal records in the electronic format. If you want to file a request for these records, you will have to submit your request to the concerned service department.

During the past several years, Thailand has experienced several changes in their government in which the armed forces took an active part. This control of the government by the military forces, is analytical both of serious defects in their democracy, and of course of the impatience with which the Thai leaders seek high political ranks.

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Asking For Your Military Human Resource Record

There are 2 main ways by which you can obtain the copies of your military resource record. You can either get the military human resource records electronically, or you can file a request to the appropriate military personnel records department. In order to obtain the records electronically, a common access card, online army knowledge or department of self-service defense, log on account is required.

Electronic access is not only free but also the easiest way to have a look at your military personnel records. It even gives the flexibility to print out the required documents or download the entire file, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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Difference between an OMPF and AMHRR

OMPF is basically a collection of the information, which retains the permanent documents of a service member’s entire career in the military force. This also contains the documentation pertaining to the increment, his education, his training, his assignments, performance, discipline and many more.

AMHRR is a cover up term surrounding the human resource records for different service members like soldiers, people who have retired, veterans as well as the ones who are deceased. The AMHRR also includes finance related documents and non-service related documents, which are very necessary.

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Emergency Requests

If your request is urgent like for instance, an upcoming surgery or funeral, you will have to mention this in the comments box while filing the request. The ultimate goal of the department of military service records is to complete almost all the urgent requests, within a period of 2 days. However, in some instances this department is also obligated to complete some requests on the very same day, if very necessary.

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