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How to Select Similar Objects in AutoCAD?

In this post we will look at how to make use of the Select Similar AutoCAD Command in AutoCAD 2011.

AutoCAD Select Similar Mode

The simplest way to work with Select Similar Command is to select an object and then right click and select the option “Select Similar” see image below:


If you look at the above image, a circle is selected and when right clicked and after selecting Select Similar Option, we can notice that another circle too has been selected as shown below:


AutoCAD Select Similar Settings

The AutoCAD Select Similar Settings can be opened when after clicking on Select Similar and later selecting settings.


Select objects or [SEttings]: SE

The AutoCAD Select Similar Settings helps us to choose from Color, Layer, Linetype, Linetype scale, Plot style, Object style and Name

Using the SELECTSIMILARMODE system variable

The SELECTSIMILARMODE system variable lets you preselect which settings AutoCAD uses when you select an object and use the SELECTSIMILAR command without opening the dialog box.  The value is a bitcode, which means that it is the sum of the options you choose. The default is 130, which is 2 (layer) + 128 (name).

Here are the bitcode values you can use:

0    Object type
1    Color
2    Layer
4    Linetype
8    Linetype scale
16    Lineweight
32    Plot style
64    Object style, including text styles, dimension styles, and table styles
128    Name, for referenced objects including blocks, xrefs, and images