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How to succeed in globalizing your social media?


You have no choice except starting your globalization campaigns right now. Social media has reasons to be so popular these days. It’s fast and free. Just like your expectations to your business expansions.

How do the world’s largest companies running their global marketing? We have some insights to share with you.

1.Know your audiences

What are they talking about? What problems do they have? Where they are hanging out? Then, talk about those things on the same social networks they use.

2.Use social media to initiate your brand

Align your social media strategy with your marketing plan. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect people to the tone/vibe/feel emotion behind your product each time they interact with your content.

3.Be clear of your goal

Focusing on the activities based on your clear goal. Remember to ask yourself:
Is it audience involvement?
Is it the creation of brand advocates?
Is it brand awareness?
Is it to drive leads and increase sales?

4.Set up a social media activities schedule

Write down the exact things you have to do every day on different social media, as long as your specific goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

5.Optimize your timing

Publish your content when most of your users are online, do some research on different social media user trends.

6.Make sure your staff follow the schedule

Perfect plans need right actions. Make sure to hire the right people to handle these duties.

7.Post original, fresh and relevant content

Make your posts following the industry trends, customer goals and industry news.

8.Reuse excellent content

Any relevant and interesting stuff may benefit your content, find something from them, share your views on it, and enter that conversation.

9.Make sure your user community behaves

You won’t be sure of everyone entering your conversation a nice person or a happy customer. Try to assign someone to respond to comments, reviews, and feedbacks.


Measure these things will help you make good business decisions:
Engagement metrics;
Conversion metrics.

11.Decide on your KPIs

Right alongside measurement, decide what metrics mean you have succeeded.

12.Evolve your tactical strategies

Is no one reading your blog or retweeting your content? Look for new topics or consider a change in format.

13.Encourage top members of your online community

Find out them. Contact them to show their efforts have been appreciated. Coupons are useful too; people like to be rewarded for their contributions.


Provide your content to your users in their languages. Make your global consumers engage in your activities easily by and your social media and your brand.