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Innovative Ideas And Its Marketing


Now days everyone is searching for good ideas for their company they wanted to be more creative, they wanted to come up with better idea and want organizations to be more innovative. Most of the people consult Industry expert Translation from Thai translation services for Sell Sheets to convey their idea to the experts. If you look at this problem through an environmental invention, in obvious system there are these recurring pattern that you see again and again that are crucial to create environment that are usually innovative.

One pattern is called slow hunch, the break through ideas are almost never common a moment of great inside, in a sudden stroke of inspiration. Most important ideas take a long time to evolve and they spend long dormant in the background. It is until the idea had two or three years or sometimes ten or twenty years to mature that suddenly become successful and useful to you in a certain way. This is true because best ideas emerged from the collision between smaller hunches so that they form something bigger than themselves. You can see a lot in the history of innovation, someone who has half of an idea.

 Often times the thing that turns a real hunch into break through is another hunch present in somebody else mind. You have to figure out ways to create systems that allow those hunches to come together and turn into something bigger. When you look at the problem of innovation from the perspective of internet, often the question arises what internet is doing to the mind. Are you overwhelmed with an always connected multitasking life style? Is that going to lead to less sophisticated thoughts, as you move away from the slower deeper contemplative state of reading? When the perfect idea is build you need to market it and here are some tricks to handle your idea in the market.

How to find company to sell your idea?

There might be several companies suitable for your company suitable for your company. The objective is to find the right company. The first place to start research are going into retailers, you should look for comparable products similar to yours. On the packaging not the name of the manufactures, make a written list of the product names, company names and websites. The other way is to search online, and use a search engine such as Google and in the search terms use your product type and manufacture as key word. For example your product idea is new coffee maker and manufacture as keywords. You can also take help from Thai Document Translation Service like Thai Sell Sheets translation services to read the specification of different products.

Than review the search results for company names, go to each company website to see what they do. Many websites have an about page describing the products they offer. Here are some internet resources to help you locate companies, the internet changes often so these websites may change. Keep in mind you only want approach companies who have the same product line in the same category as your invention and they also sell to the same target market and also these companies manufacture products from the same types of material and technology your invention uses.

How to license your invention?

Licensing is giving a company permission to manufacture, distribute and sell a product based on your invention in exchange you receive payment known as royalty. Companies consistently need new product to stay in business. They need to generate the revenue and profit and perform better than there competition. Companies look for new ideas that fit with their existing product line in terms of features, target market, quality and profitability. Your product might not fit one company but could be perfect for another company. Companies want profitable product in line with their business.

Your product should also have an advantage of existing products. Companies do not want to meet two products, your product ideas should have a clear advantage over similar products existing in the market. It is also helpful if your idea receives some positive feedback. If you show positive market test results from concept surveys and interviews or even sales will help your cause. Your invention should be more than just an idea on a napkin. Companies are interested in an invention if it is feasible based on your prototype. Your invention should also fit with existing product in the market that the company sells. Companies want a product related to their expertise in manufacturing marketing in sales.  

Companies are concerned with product liability losses, your product must be really clear to use. Before you contact companies you should have the product proposal. There is often a disconnection between inventors and companies. Inventors like to discuss their inventions features but companies really want to know about a product from a business perspective. Since companies get flooded with ideas summations they need to quickly determine if the invention represent the good opportunity. Licensing executive society perform a survey to understand license in trines. One aspect of the survey looked at why licensing deals fail. Companies listed the following reasons why licensing deals did not succeed.

  • Absence of reliable market data.
  • Limited resources to analyze the opportunity.
  • Insufficient marketing experience or capacity.
  • Absence of any useful data on comparable deals.
  • Market data is too expensive to obtain.

To introduce your inventions to a company you must create a document called a document proposal. A product proposal provides information about your invention from a business perspective. Without such information companies is likely to reject or simply ignore your invention. The product proposal describes the need in the market. How your invention fills the need, benefits the offer to the end user, the advantages over the product, the target market and possibly profits the company. Online Certified Language Translation would help you out to get the different versions of proposal, of you require to work out of the country. When a company reviews your product proposal and is interested, they want to see your prototype. A prototype could be a physical model, details of CAD drawings, or video assimilation. In some cases an acceptable prototype is a very detailed artistic illustration, as the company required.

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