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Job Description of a Translator: This Is What You Will Have to Do


Do you have what it takes to If you are not sure, it is better that you familiarize yourself with a translator’s job before you actually start working with a translation service. The translation service providers are very picky about who they choose and if they are cut out to be a translator. Providing quality translation services in not as easy as we all take it to be. There is a lot going on and you need to be familiar with it before you begin your work.

So what does a translator’s job description includes? Well, it will depend upon the type of translation you provide, the language you translate into and the category of translation. The most popular and common types of translation services include document translation service, website translation service, certified translation services and legal translation services. However, we have made a basic job description that will be a part of your job no matter what side you choose.

The Job Description:

The basic work of a translator includes translating the source language into the target language. Here’s a catch though, the translation needs to be a word by word translation. You cannot change the words, you need to use the exact word and you cannot change the sentence. Yes, you have the freedom to move words around a bit to make sense in another language, but this is as far as it can go.

Your job description will also include:

  • Retaining the meaning of the sentence and the whole document.
  • Be efficient, you can take help of tools like Translation Memory and Translation Glossary to help you with that.
  • You need to stay accurate and clear in your translations. It is always recommended that you read the document through before you begin because, trust me, it will make the process easier.
  • Translations need to be grammatically correct and properly structured.
  • You will also need to research and use internet and find the right mediums of information before you can turn in the translation.
  • Follow the style guidelines and keeping up with other translators who are part of your team.

This is just a basic job description and most of the time it will remain the same. You may have other duties including proofreading material for other translators. Translation services are turning out to be a lucrative job because experts believe that it is expected that the demand for translators will increase by 24% between 2006 and 2016.