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Machine Translation V.S. Human Translation


We have never stopped dreaming of rebuilding Babel to understand each other. Though here are translators all over the world, not everyone is able to learn so many languages in one life. And even we have English as the most commonly spoken language, the hope seems still remote. Development in technology has moved this dream closer to reality with many free online translation tools, such as Google Translate. It served over 200 million people daily in 2013. Although machine translation technology is evolving, we haven’t achieved the dream yet.

  • The benefits of machine translation are obvious:
  • It’s cheap.
  • It’s quick.
  • It’s improving all the time.
  • But the drawbacks are equally clear:
  • It lacks of localization.
  • It lacks of nuance.
  • It lacks of flow.

If you want to expand into new markets with a different primary language than your own, you will be competing with local businesses in their own tongue. By using a professional translating service opposed to a free online translating tool, you will present yourself as the industry expert that you really are instead of a foreign company unsuccessfully trying to market your business in another language: There is definitely a place for machine translation – especially in those situations where immediacy is more important than accuracy – but in a professional context nothing will ever beat the impact of creative, precise, localized, human translation services.

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