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Outline the Steps Followed In the Patent Application Process


A patent document contains specific exceptional rights, granted by the government, to either the inventor or the assigned person, for a specific period of time in exchange for the detailed public announcement of the invention. An invention, along with being a product or process, is also a perfect solution to any technical problem. If you want to file for a patent application, you have to give a brief description of your invention, along with the official correspondence and forms relating to the application.

According to the Chinese law, any foreigner or any foreign company, which has no familiar residence or any business office in China, has to apply for a patent document. If he is not in the position to afford the application fees, he will be appointed a patent agency nominated by the Patent Administration Department, to file for a patent application on his behalf.

So, basically every person or company, not from China is obligated to file for a patent. If you are looking for more information on how to apply for a patent application, do take help from the Chinese Simplified patent documentation translation services.

If you are staying here in China, but are still not aware of the Chinese language, you can make use of the document translation services. In order to obtain a permit of a patent, natural or legal, you must file an application at the patent office. While, applying for a patent application can be a complex as well as time consuming process, here are some of the outlined steps you need to follow.

  • You need to search for the different databases, magazines and sales brochures to make sure that your invention has not been copied by someone else. If it has already been publicly known before you have applied for a patent, you will not be able to get a patent.
  • It is very important to decide which type of patent is best suitable for your invention. You may want to file a temporary application at first, and then decide between filing for an innovation, standard or an international patent application.
  • Once the application is filed, it has to be checked thoroughly and then sent to be published. There is a certain amount of fees that you have to pay at different stages of this process. An innovation patent is checked just to ensure that it meets the formal requirements; then it is granted and finally published in the official magazine. On the other hand, a standard patent is normally published in the magazines, even before examining it.

Numerous articles have been written and printed regarding the details about this topic. If you are an outsider, and are unfamiliar with the Chinese language, you can make use of the best quality language translation services. You can even take help from the Chinese Simplified Patent Documentation Translation Services, if you are interested in researching the details about the patent applications.

  • Examining a patent is very mandatory before a standard patent can be acknowledged, and has to be requested by the applicant. An innovation patent can be assumed, but it is not necessary that it has to be examined, if requested. Examining any innovation patent only takes place after it has been acknowledged. In order to legalize either the innovation or standard patent, it has to be examined.
  • An innovation patent is accepted and granted, only if it has satisfied the formal requirements. Once accepted and granted, it is then published in the official magazines. If the applicant files a request to examine the patent, and after examining it is found to be successful; then the patent will be certified and published once again. Whereas, a standard patent application is only accepted, once it has been examined and then sent for publishing.

You have to pay the annual fees just in order to maintain your patent. Where innovation patents can be renewed for up to 8 years, there also standard patents are renewed for up to 20 years. For more questions on the steps you need to follow just to file for a patent application, hire the Chinese Simplified Patent Documentation Translation Services.