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Influence of Social Media Over Society And Translation Services

The Influence of Social Media Over The Society And Translation Services


There is never any bigger forceful change than technology, it changes absolutely everything about the way you live, the way you get around and even the way you talk to each other. With the rise of social media idea of community has changes radically. It’s not about the people around you it is about any one on planet that has the shared interest. This world is now totally digitalized that’s why now brand can be scaled bigger, better and more engaging social marketing.

Now many companies are taking an advantage of this digital world and even translating the content into several languages by Translation Service Provider to promote their brand through social media. Europe Portuguese Digital Content translation services are specially designed for digital content to be translated in various versions of languages.

The power social media:

Did you ever wonder that media has the power to change the world or not. Let’s get into some facts and you will get the answer.

26% of world’s population is using social media. Social digital world has helped to create a digital global village. New technology has even removed the gap of cast, culture and language. Through Professional Translation Services Company which provide you the services like Europe Portuguese Digital Content translation services to communicate with anyone in the world by translating the language completely which is enabling democracy and mobilizing activism. It is also increasing access to information and improving education. Encouraging transparency and accountability and influencing the media through citizen journalism.

How has social media helped social changes?

  • The information about HIV via social media In Jamaica was distributed through health workers.
  • Citizens in Mexico are using social media to report information about drug wars and cartels.
  • India has a website which reports the act of corruption through social media channels.
  • The Ushahidi platform uses social media to locate people in the aftermath of natural disaster of conflicts.
  • Not forgetting the social media revolutions which have helped topple government around the world.

The censorship, inequity and digital divide:

In 2011, in more than 40 different countries the internet was censored, effecting over a half billion users. The censored words include sex, 18+, Muslim, Marijuana and conflicts in China. Social media monitoring centered established by the government.

In Vietnam there was $ 5000 fine for anyone who criticizes the government on social media. In Turkey You tube, Face book, and Twitter all are banned. Prime minister of turkey said social media is worst menace to society. There is three-fifth of the population unconnected with send and receive email.

The researchers studied that 48% of the unconnected population believe that the Internet is not important. To know more of these searches to know about social media censorship and equity, you can consult Certified Translation Services Agency to translate the date into your language to know more. By this you can easily study the awareness of people of that certain area with the social media.

However, access to the internet and social media is changing at a rapid pace. New technologies such as solar power laptops, Google loon, the $50 smart phones and the BRCK will aid diffusion of the internet in the next 5-10 years. Social Media does have the power to change the world but who controls the power is completely different question.

You are not only catching up with old friends sharing stuff but you are also using social networks for serious stuff, like gaining inside for data, sharing ideas to drive innovation and connecting around the globe. Social computing has made your life whole lot easier but there are a few risks you need to be aware of

Cyber attack:

There varieties of ways those cyber criminals can trap you in a scam. One way is to contact you with different scams of bank accounts, if you simply provide your bank account number. They would hack into your account and can take up your all money. So please be aware of these scams before getting trapped into them. Some of them are as follows


Phishing is to get the information of people account and cracking into them and stealing their information easily.  The bay often comes in the form of link to a fake web page. If you log in to that link you will lose your Email address. By this you would be blackmailed or post damaging contents and can even launch more phishing schemes against your friends.


When you see the popup ad over the websites, don’t click over them. If you do click over those Ads that malware into your computer and that software downloads your computer. Getting anybody to enter into your computer can cause all types of problems like children horses, Spyware, and viruses. These malware basically turns your computer into a Zombie, spreading the infection into your email contacts and other computers on your network.


  • Don’t ever share your information with someone you don’t know.
  • Use different login and passwords to each of your account and keep them to yourself.
  • The most important thing when you get online is to exercise good judgment. 
  • Limited use.
  • A proper guidance for parents and teachers to use positivity.
  • Awareness programs to warn against being easily influenced.

Social media helps in interaction with friends, family and the strangers. Today it can be used as very helpful tool in changing the person life. The social networking website serves as an important medium, keeping individuals socially active. Social media is helping students and corporate workers to work together to create their own meaning in academic subjects, social contexts, or work environment.

The media grabs our minds and latches it on to its manipulative ideas and it blindly sends us soaring to pessimism. It has validated the wrong as right and turned the lives of many people into lie. Media is the one of the main business channels available and consumers are no longer passive they have become the active producers. Media has changed the world, negative and positive both are the scenarios but it totally depends on you how you take it.

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