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The Roles and Responsibilities of an Expert Witness


An expert witness is a person who is authorized to give his opinion based on his knowledge, experience and expertise. The top most duty of this expert witness is to give impartial, independent and unbiased evidence before the court of law. This witness is mostly relied upon opinions regarding the seriousness of the injury, a degree of mental health, loss of earnings and many more.

Although the expert witness has a huge responsibility during a testimony, but using this witness is sometimes condemned in various states of Thailand. But, in those states where the expert witness is allowed to testify, their role varies totally depending on the case at hand. You can stay in contact with the Thai testaments translation services, to understand the roles and duties of an expert witness.

Sometimes the expert serves as a consultant to the lawyer, while remaining in the background.  Whereas in other cases, he can be used before the trial begins, just to give an affidavit supporting an aspect of a case.  Whether you have already hired a lawyer or you want to represent yourself, an expert witness can play a very vital role while handling your case.

How Can An Expert Witness Help In Preparing Your Case?

The basic role of a consulting expert is to investigate the facts of the case, to research the different issues that are involved and also help out the client’s lawyer to gain a better understanding about the best way to present a perfect and successful case. Proper communication between the lawyer and the consulting expert is very essential, this way the trial strategy issues can be very easily discussed. To make your trial a lot easier translation services agency, is available to totally understand the facts and evidence relating to the trial.

How Can An Expert Witness Help You In The Court?

Once the trial begins, the expert witness can assist the lawyer by testifying on behalf of the client. While doing this, he can also help the court as well as the jury, to understand the scientific, medical and technical issues that are related to the case. Being an expert witness, his credentials can strengthen the client’s case before the judge.

Do You Need An Expert Witness To Settle The Case?

If a client plans to settle the case before it reaches trial, he and his lawyer can still benefit from consulting an expert, in order to have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the case. This can further assist the lawyer to determine to what extent the negligence can be accepted. Here, you can also take help from the professional translation services provider, if you are unable to understand any issue relating to the case.

What Qualifications You Need To Look For In An Expert Witness?

It does not matter whether the expert witness is only needed to consult or testify at the trial, the qualifications still remain the same. The expert witness has to be highly qualified, very knowledgeable, have extraordinary skills, should be well experienced and trained in the area of expertise.

You can also take help from the certified translation services provider, to get your trial documents translated into your required language.  In addition, take advantage of the Thai testaments translation services to help you out with the expert witness.