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Things to Know About Video Transcription Translation


Video transcription is a procedure, where written accounts of the dialogue or important actions are created in a particular video. These written accounts, also known as transcripts, are useful for research, persons with hearing disabilities and many more. Video transcription, being a professional service, is similar to court reporting and other audio transcription services. Among some sources, video transcription is offered for free.

In Bengal, video transcription is also found useful for academic and professional research. It is usually prepared by a trained professional, who works directly from a recording of the source material. Since, this video transcription is in the Bengali language, but what about those people who are not familiar with this language?

You, therefore, need to get this video transcription translated into multiple languages. Here, Bengali video tutorials translation services can be very helpful. The reason being, these services can provide a word to word translation in the required language.

Here are five tips one should know about transcriptions.

Represents True Speech

In order to increase the accuracy of a transcript, you need to report all the words, heard on the recording of a dialogue. This includes any verbal mistakes, changing the subject, repeated words or any spoken grammar errors. You have to be very accurate of what each speaker is saying, and also about the general context of the conversation. It is, therefore, very essential to report all the words said in the recording.

In today’s globalized business world, you need to be willing to undertake the journey of understanding other cultures. While talking about different cultures, it becomes very difficult for them to understand the Bengali language. That is why, it is highly required to get your manuscript content translated by certified language translation services, which can translate it in such a way that people from other cultures can understand it.

Audio Recordings

Sometimes, your client will only give you a recording of an audio conversation. You will have to put in your own extra hard work, to listen to the recording and try to type what you can understand. It becomes much easier, if one person is leading the whole meeting. The other people can introduce themselves by mentioning their names, at the start of the meeting.

This is the easiest way for you to understand all the people, who are in a conversation, while listening to the recording. Various language translating companies like Certified Language Translation Services Company, have extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the best way to translate these audio recordings in different languages. This makes it a lot easier for people of other cultures to understand them.

Video Recordings

Video recordings, as it is most commonly known, started long way before even computers came into existence. People at that time, transcribed the videos with much difficulty by watching them shot by shot, and then writing down the events during this process. But, now video recordings are done in a different way. They are either uploaded on different free social media sites such as YouTube or google video.

It is very important that you have all the information about the people in the video, like their names, the clothes they are wearing and especially their facial features like the color of their hair and their eye color. That is why, transcribing a video and then describing it in detail, can increase the visibility of your video.

There are many freelancers and agencies, who have taken up translating video transcriptions as a profession. Knowing and understanding the importance of video recordings, many of the translation agencies similar to certified language translation services agency, need to be extra sensitive about the privacy and accuracy of their translations.

Edited Transcripts

If you are using a transcript for an official purpose, then you may want to hire a transcription service, who can professionally edit the entire document. Your final transcript will be edited not just for grammatical mistakes, wrong verbiage, usage of improper sentences and many more. It will also not contain unnatural speech patterns, including false statements and repeated words.

The main advantage of editing the document, is to make sure it is readable. Normally, in movies, transcription is not necessarily done after the final video is released. It can also be done during the production itself, just to make the editing easier. Even while editing, it has become very imperative to have effective communication between the clients all over the world, regardless of any language barriers. For this you can take help from the Bengali translation services.

Closed Captioning

There is a special kind of video transcription, made for the deaf and hard of hearing people. This type of transcription is named closed captioning. Here, the dialogue and other audible material, are presented in such a way just like they would appear in the video. The only difference is that it can be accessed through the television, or other video players, because they appear on a larger scale of programming, even like the commercial that appear on the television.

Captioning live shows such as news or sporting events, may sound to be changeable, as it appears on the live shows. Even these children can have fun while playing, the reason being that closed captioning is also done for some video games. This transcribed material, can also be used on the basis of subsequent translations into different languages.  

Video transcription is offered in many shows, where individual episodes are recorded. Some of these agencies provide these transcriptions, as a free of charge service on different social media websites. While some other websites offer them for a small fee charged, per minute or hour of a video. Due to several skilled professionals, many of these transcription services are available to any party, who is willing to pay their standard fee.

Transcriptions can be useful for cataloguing, researching as well as for deaf people. Videos today, have become a connecting point to impart information, education as well as entertainment. It is not a big deal now, that videos constitute over 40 percent of the internet search results, a basic reason why transcription has become very important. That is why, video transcription services have become a necessity nowadays.