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28 tips about How to Live Your Best Life - 《易经》中隐藏的 28 条人生智慧


  1. 以自我为中心的人,将困于人生最大的陷阱。

    Self-centeredness is the deepest trap in life.

  2. 过分在意别人的眼光,将丧失自我。

    The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

  3. 嗜欲深者天机浅。

    Having no desire is firm and uncompromising.

  4. 骄傲如满月,日渐亏缺;谦虚如新月,日渐圆明。

    Complacency spells, while modesty brings benefits.

  5. 善战者,立于不败之地而战。

    Victory loves preparation.

  6. 缺乏自制力的人,百无一成。

    One can develop greatness by constant self-discipline and self-control.

  7. 不能超越自己,便无法超越别人。

    Constantly striving to surpass yourself, then you can always surpass others.

  8. 交友是人生重中之重,关乎一生成败。

    Your friends determine the success of your life.

  9. 送花的人周围满是鲜花,种刺的人身边满是荆棘。

    Roses given, fragrance in hand.

  10. 没有足够的器量,便没有做大事的规模。

    Tolerance will give you a wider vision.

  11. 善于把握人性,才能赢得人心。

    Who beloved and supported by the people will win the world.

  12. 语言的力量,足以倾倒世人。

    Use the power of language to expand your world.

  13. 独立独行难用世。

    The keystone of success is cooperation.

  14. 反复无常的人,众叛而亲离。

    Capriciousness will drive away the people around you.

  15. 积极万事可为,消极一事无成。

    Positive anything is better than negative nothing.

  16. 躺在床上上不了路。

    Action is the foundational key to all success.

  17. 善于借助外力,事业才有支点。

    Get a fulcrum to move your career.

  18. 钢琴不容第三只手。

    Get rid of disharmonious notes as soon as possible.

  19. 工作专注与事业之成功成正比。

    You can do anything as long as you have the focus.

  20. 致命的失败,决定于微弱的劣势。

    How much water a bucket can contain is determined by the shortest board, rather than the tallest board.

  21. 被失败击败,才是真正的失败。

    The only real failure in life is the failure to try.

  22. 成功的秘诀在于更智慧,而不是更辛苦。

    The secret of success lies in wisdom more than painstaking.

  23. 一条路走到头的人前景黑暗。

    The man who can recognize the facts of a situation is a paragon of men.

  24. 做大事不可拘小节。

    Greater career needs broader vision.

  25. 决胜利器,不可示人。

    Show your decisive weapon only at the most critical and necessary time.

  26. 善战者,必求之于势。

    Winners in wars are those who can judge and take advantage of the situation.

  27. 挑战极限,当心物极必反。

    Good challenger knows when to stop.

  28. 智者不舞“双刃剑”。

    The wise never dance a double-edged sword.