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Tips To Write a Good Recommendation Letter for a Foreign University


A recommendation letter is a proper document, where the writer appraises the qualities, capabilities and characteristics of the person being recommended, in terms of his abilities to perform a particular task or function.

Letters of recommendation are typically relate to admission in higher universities, to employment or scholarship eligibility. Some companies also provide references with regard to winning contracts, particularly in the fields of engineering, industry and construction, with regard to public acquirement and tenders.

The recommendation letters written by the Middle-Eastern people, contain detailed information about the student’s Arabic proficiency and some feedback from their teachers about their behavior, attendance, commitment and progress. Today, it has become a big necessity to translate recommendation letters in different languages.

This is done, especially, where language differences can stop you from obtaining a higher education in any foreign country. So, getting your letters translated from Arabic letters translation services can help you a lot if you want to study here in the Middle East.

How Is A Recommendation Letter Written?

The recommendation letter should be written in a formal language, which best suits the person who is writing it. The best way to write this sort of letter is on a letterhead. Normally, a recommendation letter consists of an overall picture of your:

  • Performance
  • Strengths
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Experience
  • Capabilities
  • Behavior

Recommendation letters need to avoid vague statements. But instead need to add on those statements of opinion, which clearly identifies and explains all academic details about your academic period. Using inappropriate language and harsh remarks can have a negative impact and can destroy your ability to obtain the admission.

With the constant change of environment, while writing a recommendation letter for a foreign university, it is much better to hire experienced translators from the industry document translation services. These services can provide accurate and exact translation of the entire content written in these letters.

Who Should Write A Recommendation Letter?

  • A recommendation letter should be written by someone, who reasonably knows you very well. This way, he will not give any false information about your academic career.
  • The person who is writing the recommendation letter, should know you in such a way that he has worked with you or maybe even been your tutor. The main reason behind this, is that he will be able to provide an appropriate letter in your prospective.
  • He should be able to provide an honest and positive reference on your behalf. For instance, if he feels that you have the best qualification, and are able to obtain a scholarship, he can also mention this in the letter.

These days, translation services are being used remarkably for different benefits in every industry. Since, you do not have any knowledge about the Arabic language, your first step would be to take advantage of different professional translators like general document translation services. This can not only save your quality time, but also provide you accurate translation, of your recommendation letter in the targeted language.

What Goes Into A Recommendation Letter?

The recommendation letter should be only about one page in length and should consist of three parts: the opening, the body and the closing.

In the opening of the letter, the person has to explain the relationship between him and you being the student, along with the reason why this letter is being written. He can also describe the type of experience, length and time period, during which he was in contact with you. He can explain in detail the special assignments and responsibilities that you have completed.

The body of the recommendation letter should provide the specific information about you:

  • Your personal characteristics such as your composure, your dependability, your creativity, your confidence and patience etc.
  • Your academic abilities such as your knowledge about the different subject areas, your ability to solve any problem, your ability to work with different cultures of colleagues and also curriculum development.
  • The writer can also mention the specific areas of your strength and special experiences.
  • The writer can also mention your high energy level and excellent communication skills.

The closing of the recommendation letter, should be written in a straightforward language and to the point. Extra verbiage or unwanted statements should be avoided. It should also briefly summarize the previous points and clearly state that you, the student, is recommended for the academic program that you are looking forward to.

While writing this recommendation letter you need to keep in mind that this letter will obviously be in your native language. So, do get it translated in the Arabic language by using translators like language and industry translation services.

Wherever possible, the person writing the letter should try to give some concrete examples of those times when you had excelled in your projects. Always close the letter on a positive note, and if the person is willing to receive any further correspondence about your application, he can make it clear and also include his contact details.

What Points You Need To Avoid?

  • Make sure not to mention any weaknesses you may have.
  • Try not to say anything that would be considered as offensive and abusive.
  • Never write in an informal manner, always be positive and use formal sentences.
  • Do not give out any personal information that is not relevant in this case.
  • Try not to mention your race, religion, nationality, marital status, age or health. Using this information is not appropriate.
  • Avoid making any spelling mistakes or floppy writing. This letter is highly important for you and the person should keep it entirely professional.

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