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Top 10 Translation Companies in Birmingham

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Birmingham is one of the cities associated with Britain’s hub of global industry. Ever since the industrial revolution, the industry giants like Lloyd’s Bank and Cadbury are two of the most known entities that got established from the ground there. The same goes for translation services.


There are plenty of reasons for one business to do business in Birmingham. However, it is futile for an overseas business entity to do business without the help of a translation services company. In modern times, commercial activities are trending, Birmingham is home to a world of accounting, marketing, and all the major industries.


So if you plan to move your business to the local city or from it to offshore companies, you can count on any of the following translation services companies in Birmingham to help you. These professional companies have got some of the best native translators.


10 Top-Tier Translation Services Companies in Birmingham You Can Hire From







Live Chats

Bubbles Translation

18 years

9 industries

280+ languages




Mars Translation

17 years

22 industries

120+ languages



Absolute-Interpreting Translations Ltd.

23 years

10 industries

250 languages





17 years

9 industries

120+ languages




19 years

9 industries

100+ languages

0.12 and 0.14 Euro


Translator Uk

11 years

12 industries


425+ languages




Prestige Network

29 years

8 industries

200+ languages





35+ years

5 industries

42 languages




25 years

30+ industries

100+ languages



Global Translation Services

21 years

7 industries

200+ languages




  1. Bubbles Translation

If you want to reach new markets then this is your chance to do so with Bubbles Translation. Among the top translation services companies in Birmingham, Bubbles Translation has more than 1300 happy translation customers. The company excels in providing language translation services with a dedicated team of native translators.


Bubbles Translation offers to deliver qualities services in:

  • Marketing brochure translation
  • Website translation
  • Email translation
  • Transcript translation
  • App+ software translation etc.


Clients can get a quote to find about the translation rate.

  1. Mars Translation

If you are looking for a portfolio that serves a wide range of document translation and all localization services, Mars Translation is your choice for the day.


The company offers a great deal of;

  • Document translation
  • E-learning translation
  • E-commerce translation
  • Website Translation
  • Video Translation
  • E-Learning Translation
  • DTP & File Conversion etc.


As one of the best translation companies in Birmingham, Mars Translation can retain long-term clientele due to quality translation.  As a company, they value their customer’s linguistic needs too. Translation services are offered at the lowest possible rates.

  1. Absolute-Interpreting Translations Ltd.

For an accurate translation, you need a company that offers expert native translators right? Absolute Interpreting Translation is one of the renowned translation companies in Birmingham with their offices in London as well. This translation service is known to upgrade the translation game for their clients to achieve the desired results.


The company offers to provide;

  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Braille transcription
  • International voiceover
  • Proofreading etc.


As an award-winning company, they have successfully made a name for themselves in national health services, local government, and so on.  The translation rates are highly competitive and therefore offer a quick turnaround solution.

  1. CCJK

To gain a competitive edge in the foreign local market, CCJK offers the best subject matter experts who can translate the document in a fast turnaround time. Offering language translation services in more than 120 native languages is backed up with the ISO certification.


As an authentic translation service agency, it offers a fast turnaround for;

  • Localization
  • Multimedia
  • Transcreation
  • Website translation
  • Interpreting
  • E-learning translation etc.


With more than 3000 satisfied customers over the year, CCJK provides translation at economical rates. The proofreading process is one of the finest editing processes you will ever experience.

  1. Nordictrans

It is known as an international translation company that is famous for translating Scandinavian languages. As a translation services company, they offer the best native translators who can translate the document translation in the most error-free way.


To help you set up the business, you can hire Nordictrans to assure translation transparency of the business and the local market.


Nordictrans compels its clients with the services like;

  • Birth certificate translation
  • Website translation
  • Document translation
  • Scientific translation
  • Passport translation etc.


The total translation cost is dependent on the prices per word and therefore clients can enjoy discount offers too.

  1. Translator Uk

An established agency with professional native translators, Translator UK is another one of the translation companies in Birmingham.

Although the main offices are located in London, it has developed a reputation based on the highly qualified translators. As a translation company, they offer to deliver quality translations to ensure that the documents are error-free. The company originally began offering only Spanish to English Translation but now a large number of language pairs are offered.


The company offers exclusive translation services in terms of;

  • Document translation
  • Website translation
  • Mobile app translation
  • Technical translation
  • Medical translation etc.


With years of experience, they can provide quality translation for the offered services.

  1. Prestige Network

Are you looking for a successful translation services company? Then look in the direction of Prestige Network. They are well known for the speed, reliability, and accuracy of the translation they offer to provide to their clients.

The extensive translation project management is handled by a team of professional translators, highly qualified and experienced interpreters, and transcribers.


The qualified team of translators translates the;

  • Legal translation
  • Technical translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Website translation
  • Education translation etc.


The long list entails that as an experienced translation services company in Birmingham you can count on them to provide all the services in a fast turnaround time.

  1. MidlandTechnical

Even during the pandemic, nothing could stop Midland Technical to provide an accurate translation for its clients in Birmingham or otherwise. The long years of dedication paid off in terms of excellent translation, long-term customers with high-value businesses in the global marketplace.


The company excels at providing its services in;

  • Technical translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Legal translation
  • Technical manual translation
  • Medical interpreter
  • BSL interpreter etc.


With the wide range of translators, clients can expect quality translation in their projects reflecting their unique business style. The translators are native but also come with a belt of experiences over the years.

  1. MilestoneLocalization

Milestone Localization is the type of translation company that you can resonate with your target audience. The content translated at this translation service is based on;

  • Documents
  • Apps
  • Software etc


The translation services offered are compelling based on the quality translation provided by the native translators. With the competitive costs, Milestone Localization has bridged the gap between the culture and communication for their clients. With more than 70 languages the translation communicates the message in an accurate way.

  1. Global Translation Services

As a client, you want a translation company that speaks your language. This is the motto of Global Translation Services. With 2 decades of long-term experience, these are one of the professional translation companies in Birmingham known for their quality of translation, pricing, and unbeatable turnaround time. Clients are happy customers as the long-term native translators work in a professional manner to get the job done efficiently and error-free.


Some of the quality services provided by Global Translation Services include;


Being fully accredited is the competitive edge they have as the mighty professional translation services company.


As a new business startup or as a business entity looking to explore their ventures, one always needs to look into the best translation companies in the local area. If you are ready to bring Birmingham to your selected area of practice then you have the right opportunity on your hand to get the best translators!

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