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Translated Reservation Software Could Be a Lifeline for Hotel Management


We all know we live in a world that is fast paced and full of excitement. People expect things to happen with a click of their mouse and a tap of their finger. This has given opportunities to the business all over the world to expand their horizons and make a difference in their sales. Hotel management software brought a much needed change and respite in the lives of hotel staff and management, especially in places like Assam.

Assam plays a major role in the Indian tourism industry. However, the literacy rate of this state is rather low. So in order to keep up with the fast paced world of hotel management, the Assamese tourist industry was introduced to Reservation Software. The Assamese Reservation Software translation services were born.

With Assamese Reservation Software translation every single Bed and Breakfast, hotel, motel and hostel owner was able to make his registration process easier. Although, interpretation and translation services have been in use for a very long time, these translation services have allowed these entrepreneurs to bring their A game every single time.

According to a research done by a private Indian agency, the Assam Tourist community has seen an increase of 27% since the introduction of reservation software in 2006. According to the same research, the following amenities were added to the hotel industry in Assam with the addition of reservation software.

Efficient Client Management

With the help of this software, the overall performance of client management had improved 45%. According to most clients and hotels alike, the clients are satisfied with their stay because the reservation process was simple, required less wait time and was more functional. In fact, many hotels had noted that since they started using their reservation software, they had more repeat customers because the hotel management already knew what the client will demand, hence, making the whole experience more relaxed and spontaneous for the clients.

Increment of Revenue

With the use of reservation software translated by a good multilingual translation services, the hotels and B and B’s were able to increase their revenues. With this one time investment, it became easier for these entrepreneurs to offer solid and valid deals and discounts. They were able to launch new luxury and novelty services like Spas and gyms with the increased revenue and further enhance their profits.

Proactive Staff

The hotels also noted that their staff became more proactive and efficient. Since the staff does not have to use the traditional paper and pen to keep records of the clients and their preferences, they are more efficient and proactive at their jobs, anticipating client’s needs and staying on top of their duties.

There are plenty of other services like Assamese Reservation Software translation that have made life and business easier for people. Translation service providers are trying to bring new services every single year to make sure that people can travel with ease and have everything they need in their own language. This has made life easier not only for the travelers, but for the tourist communities as well.