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Ways by Which You Can Modify an Out of State Divorce Decree


A divorce decree is basically a result of lengthy negotiations in addition to difficult decision making. It is a very essential document that controls the personal and financial terms and conditions of a divorce. The terms and conditions of the divorce decree can be in effect for a long time, especially if there are children involved.

Many terms relating to child custody, child support and alimony needs to be modified at the future date. If modifications are required to be made in the same state where the divorced was first processed, then the procedure is relatively simple.

In Thailand, a divorce made by mutual consent is fairly easy to obtain, than any other type of divorce. An uncontested divorce can be easily obtained from the local District Office. A mutual consent divorce has to be made in writing, and then certified with the signatures of at least 2 witnesses and finally registered with the relevant authorities.

There is no specific requirement here in Thailand, that a lawyer has to be present while preparing the divorce documents, but consulting with a lawyer can make it easier to be able to understand the things better.

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They can therefore, very easily hire the Professional Thai Translator. Although the modification procedure is relatively very simple, but what happens when the parties want to modify a divorce decree that has been filed out of state?

Modifying the Distribution of Child Custody

A lot of times this has happened that some people get divorced in one state, and then certain circumstances cause one of the ex-spouses, or maybe even their children to move to another state. When this happens, they often think about what to do in case they want to modify the divorce decree, relating to the division of child custody.

Almost every state has passed the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, in an effort to provide harmony and also to clarify this issue. The Act specifies the state in which the child inhibits, as the state where the child has been living with his parent for at least 6 consecutive months, before the divorce was filed.

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Modifying Other Divorce Decree

Some of the other divorce decree modifications include supporting the child, visiting the child and also providing alimony. Most of the states allow the court which granted the divorce earlier to handle these matters, but the physical residence of the other spouse and the child is irrelevant. Authority of child support modification issues are decided by the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, and this has been adopted by almost every state in the country.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act allows the court which has issued the original child support, to continue its authority regarding this issue as long as at least one of the ex-spouses continues to live in that state. In order to modify the divorce decree, both the parties have to mutually agree to move the authorization to the other state court of law, and then file that agreement in the court of law, that originally issued this decree.

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A divorce decree is often intended to be a long term agreement that is made between two parties. However, when circumstances change especially if the ex-spouses have children, then a modification of the divorce decree is very essential. Therefore, in those circumstances, it is very important to bring the request for the modification before the court of law to properly hear the matter.

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