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What Makes Portuguese Language Intriguing?


Portuguese is the language that far too often gets ignored. But the truth is Portuguese is one of the world’s major languages, with between 215 and 220 million nation speakers. It is the second most widely spoken romance language after Spanish. If you are planning to get to Portuguese you should take help from language translator services. Many companies like advertising agency are making their tools by the help of Portuguese (Europe) Advertising translation services. Like Spanish it is so widely spoken because it has spread to the four corners of the globe during colonial period. It is the only official language Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe. And it is co-official in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau.


Like all Romance languages Portuguese develop from Vulgar Latin which was the spoken Latin used during the Roman Empire. It forms the Ibero romance branch of the romance language family. It is called Ibero because it is located on the Iberian Peninsula. When the Romance conquered the Iberian Peninsula Vulgar Latin began to be spoken there. Than it started to diverge over time into different regional dialect and by the 10th century those dialect diverged enough to be considered separate languages.

Galician Portuguese also known as Old Portuguese exist. it diverged into two separate modern languages Galician and Portuguese by about the 16th century. Language received its name Portuguese in the year 1290, when the king of Portugal open a first university in Portugal, and he decided the language of instruction would not be Latin but Portuguese.

Portuguese around the World

Portuguese is around Spoken by 10 million people in Portugal but it is much more dispersed around the world. It is spoken by 205 million native speakers in Brazil. In Angola it is the native language of about 5 million people, which is 20% of the population. Cape Verde 500,000 people speak a Portuguese based Creole as their native language but they learn Portuguese as a second language for official purposes. Even it has become more easy for them to use it for official purposes by consulting document translation services like Portuguese (Europe) Advertising translation services.

Also in Guinea-Bissau the most common language is the Portuguese Creole but Portuguese is also an official language with around 200,000 native speakers. In Mozambique there are 1.9 million nation speakers and another 10 million who speak it as a second language. In South Tome and Principe it is spoken by another 120,000 people as a native language.

Portuguese is the Sixth most widely spoken language in the world. So it is better to use it as your official language by taking help from Portuguese (Europe) Advertising quality translation services. You can often recognize the world of Portuguese if you speak and write English. Because it is similar to that and if you already know any Romance language you can probably study a lot more quickly the Portuguese language.

Definitely it requires an effort to learn and to speak the Portuguese language because you have to actually produce the phonology and grammar, same as for any language. So stop thinking Portuguese as a strange little brother of Spanish, it is actually an important global language that stands on its own.