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Why You Should Translate Your Book into Chinese Language

Why You Should Translate Your Book into Chinese Language.png

“Did you know Chinese readers are buying books in translation, particularly non-fiction about China, in large numbers?”

                                                        Evan Osnos

Times have changed, and so the culture grows and improvises with time. Millions of people now speak and learn new languages each day. Language is a way to communicate but what good it will be if you restrict yourself to only one language? If you read a Chinese book translated in English will that not be helpful?

With the internet, knowledge is being shared and millions of internet users are engaged with each other transferring information regularly, only on accounts of translated content. Most of the publishing houses or authors take advantage of translation services to make a book accessible to millions of users worldwide. To attract a global market, you have to adapt your product (book in this case) according to it. 

What Good Will It Do to Translate Your Book Into Chinese?

Several distinct reasons can be listed but, before that, you need to understand that with the help of Chinese translation services, learning Chinese or translating your book can have various fundamental reasons such as;

  • It is widely spoken language around the world
  • You can learn history and culture of the country
  • You can expand your social circle
  • It can help to improve your artistic skills or
  • It is good for business!

Let's Talk Business, Shall We?

Will It Make Your Business Shine Like a Diamond?

A question often arises in minds of local businesses who are doing just fine, sales are good and targets are met often. Why should they leave the comfort of their home market to enter a foreign market?

Overnight success is not impossible but it is pure hard work and trust you need to put into the translator to translate your book. Being an author you already have an emotional attachment with the written book and it requires patience and stamina to make sure an accurate level of translation service is provided up to the mark. Book translations are always helpful in a variety of ways such as;

• Larger Sales

A first and foremost reason to use Chinese translation services is to gain larger sales. China is a vastly growing market. You need to understand the fact that every culture influences other cultures, communities, and people. They learn, interpret and adapt according to it. The entertainment industry is a big example for every business. Likewise, readers all over the world, are now interconnected via various platforms. EBooks are common, you do not require to visit the market, just have your credit card ready so you can buy it and read it online or save it into the library.

A book has a significant presence, either on the internet or in an actual shop. You can retain an audience who loves to read in their native language regardless of their ability to understand other languages.

• Low Competition

Not everyone can afford to translate a book. Just so you know, Chinese translators can be expensive especially if the translator has good reviews. They will always charge above the market value. But there are translation agencies like Mars Translation that excels in providing Chinese translation services at affordable rates to its clients.

Each language as a certain value in the market. A unique story can attract readers big time, and if it were to translate it in Chinese? Well, let's just say, you will turn a new leaf in setting a strong base for followers. For many authors it might not be possible to have accurate translations for their books, therefore, the lesser translated books are available in the market the less competition it will be. But do make sure to hire a translation service that retains the quality of the original story.

• Be Accessible to the Audience

Your reputations will proceed with you in the global market. To increase your followers (readers) you can enter the Chinese market by translating your book in Chinese to cater to the audience not only in China but the rest of Asia as well. If a book is written you are targeting one class of readers only, but if you translate your book, you are broadening the targeted readers to various countries.

An automatic rise is expected at this stage, which will only increase with time if the translation quality is up to the mark. Making the content engaging is the most important skill you need to look for in a translation service. So the more accessible you are in the market (regarding the availability of the translated book) the more readers you will be able to engage.

• Increase Your Ranking

Low competition means easier ranks.

Even when you write a book you need to keep a close link between the keyword. Yes, you heard right, even books have the targeted keywords. To optimize the quality of the book, you need to ensure that translation does not disrupt the written pattern and still is engaging for the reader in its native language.

If you want your readers to be attentive, the translation will help gain their attention at a massive level. It just so happens, sometimes after translation, you can convey better ideas in another native language. If the translated book has a lower market niche (for competitors) than anticipated, it will be easier for the publishing house or the author to release the book. In a short time, the ranking will automatically increase and make the book more popular. 

E-books have made the sales easier, so once online numbers of readers increase, it will set a trend to generate more sales and therefore make your book available on top ranks.

• Reviews by the Reader

These days, readers more actively engage on online forums, discussing the books they have read so far. If you are thinking to acquire Chinese translation services, then do make sure your book is accessible on such platforms where readers, bloggers, etc. engage with each other.

Regardless of how well written a book is, a reader is the best critic for the translation content. The more reviews (stars) you get on your published (translated) book the better sales target will be. People gather on online forums and give proper reviews. Book reviews are a real deal-breaker for authors and publishing houses. So hiring a translation service that understands the nature of your book will increase the probability of 5-star reviews for you.

Work With a Translation Agency Best Suited to Your Requirements

To achieve the desired quality of translation, you need to be able to trust the translation services you are hiring. Likewise, Mars Translation has been able to satisfy its clients and retain them for the long term now. So if you want to translate your book in Chinese you are more than welcome to utilize Chinese translation services.