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Mars Translation And Huawei Making A Better User Experience


January 18, 2016

Shenzhen, China – Leading Smartphone Company, Huawei and Mars Translation joined hands to provide Portuguese to English translation services. The project provided by Huawei required Mars Translation Services to translate 65000 words in 3 days. The project required Mars Translation services including translation, formatting and proofreading.

Apart from the team lead, Mars Translation assigned 4 high quality and certified Portuguese language translators to the project with an experienced proofreader to complete the task before the deadline.

Mars Translation added created a team of proofreaders on priority and complete the task before the deadline reaches. With the translations completed in 2.5 days, the proofreaders and DTP team worked on getting their end of the project finished before the deadline.

With the project created, Mar Translation and Huawei looks forward to working again and making the lives of customers easier.

About Mars Translation:

Mars Translation is a Language Translation Services company that is quickly becoming one of the best. Mars Translation offers translation services, interpretation services, transcription services, voice-over services and subtitling services in 120+ languages and 17 industries.