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Malay Document Translation Services

The Malay language is an Austronesian language, spoken by more than 33 million native speakers worldwide. Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, this language is also spoken in Sumatra, Vietnam, and Borneo.

If you are a company seeking to translate in Malay language, Mars translation is here to help you to find Malay Translation Services. With a wide cadre of more than 6000 native linguists, we ensure all your documents are accurately and professionally translated in order to enable you to go global without any hassle. We cover a wide range of documents, belonging to different industries for a comprehensive and holistic approach.

  • Legal documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Malay Document Translation Services
Malay Document Translation Services

Malay Website Translation Services

One way to attract thousands of potential customers is to make your brand known to them. And the only way to do that is to translate your content into the language that your target customer understands—particularly in the case of website.

A website is more than a means of communication and Mars Translation understands this, which is why our expert website translators are adept at handling and translating all types of website content, from web graphics to icons and themes. With our professional translation services approach, we ensure your websites are translated into the Malay language smoothly and efficiently.

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Malay Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

The medical and pharmaceutical industry may be one of the most widely-spread industries, but a professional and precise approach is needed to translate its content from one language to another. If you are a pharmaceutical company looking for a robust, yet cost-effective solution to translate your healthcare content, Mars Translation is here to ease your worries.

With a quality standard of ISO 9001:2008 and numerous certifications to its name, Mars Translation is your professional partner in translating all medical content in the Malay language.

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Malay Document Translation Services
Malay Document Translation Services

Malay Business & Finance Translation Services

The financial and investment market is the backbone of any country, with international businesses vying to make a global impact. Mars Translation understands the need to translate this financial and investment content, which is why our professional and expert translation process is designed especially to cater to all content types including business documents, websites, software and E-commerce platforms in the Malay language. Moreover, with our comprehensive translation support, we ensure that you do not stay behind in the race for global growth and success.
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Malay Technical & Engineering Translation Services

Are you an engineering firm seeking an easy and accurate solution to go global? Mars Translation has got you covered. With a robust workforce of more than 6000 native translators and a comprehensive quality assessment system in place, we ensure all your technical content is dealt with expertly and accurately.

This is why our comprehensive translation services include translation of all complex technical content such as engineering manuals, user guides, technical portfolios and data files, to enable you to step into the global market with ease.

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Malay Document Translation Services

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Malay Document Translation Services

Malay Software & IT Translation Services

One of the sure-shot ways to stay on top of the global success game is to get your digital content translated into the language of your target customers. Mars Translation provides top-of-the-class, professional software translation and localization services, with a special emphasis on translating all software elements thoroughly and precisely.

Our expert software translators can not only handle all digital content professionally, they are also adept at delivering this content on time. With Mars Translation as your translation partner, we ensure all your software content is translated in the Malay language to attract the attention of Malay speakers, for global success and growth.

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Malay Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The gaming world is a huge one, with revenues amounting to billions and millions. Considering the huge growth potential of this market, every game developer company will want to make a name for itself globally.

Mars Translation’s expert and professional game translators understand the importance of translated games, which is why they leave no stone unturned in translating all game elements—graphics, user interfaces, subtitles—into the language of your choice, in order to equip you with the right tools to go global.

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Malay Document Translation Services
Malay Document Translation Services

Malay to english Translation Services

If you are a business located in Europe or the USA, you may already have your content in the English language that you want to translate in other languages. This is why Mars Translation provides comprehensive and expert English to Malay translation services, covering a wide type of content—from documents to software, websites and games.

With our expert Malay translators, we guarantee you an easy and seamless transition into the global world of success and revenues, backed by quality standards and assessments to see you through.

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Our Native Malay Translators

Mars Translation prides itself as one of the few translation companies having such a large team of translators spread in other countries. Since its inception almost two decades back, Mars Translation has always delivered robust and professional translation solutions of the highest quality—made possible by its team of more than 6000 native experts.

These professional experts make sure all projects are translated and localized efficiently and precisely, in order to enable you to gain international revenues for your business—seamlessly and expertly.

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Malay Document Translation Services

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