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Korean Document Translation Services

Whether you are interested in translating a medical document or a technical one, you can get our services at affordable prices. Our top-class native experts translate the documents and deliver the outcomes within deadlines. Cost and time efficiency are two major qualities, among others, that demonstrate our commitment to providing good translation services.

Our strong reputation precedes its name in the business world. With compatible Korean document translation services, we help you get document translation in Korean speaking countries. If you are looking for accurate, certified Korean translation services, we are here for your assistance. In the case of patent translation, we also provide our clients with the services of a Korean patent translator.

  • Legal Documents
  • Literary Publications
  • Telecommunication Contracts
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Academic Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Technical Documents
  • Driving Licenses
  • Marketing Plans

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Korean Document Translation Services
Korean Document Translation Services

Korean Website Translation Services

Gain an upper hand over your competitors and make your business more visible online. To achieve your target goals and broaden your brand scope, you must get your website translated for the Asian market. Create a multilingual brand identity and avail Korean website translation done by the most reliable and proficient linguists.

With Mars Translation’s successful experience in the past, we have confidence in our translators to deliver the content on time with perfection. We contribute to effectively translating your website for the Korean speaking community. It builds an emotional connection with the audience as they see your business prioritizing their language. It convinces the audience that they matter to you and in the long run, this process creates loyal customers for your brand.

Korean Medical & Healthcare Translation Services

A translator must have familiarity with the medical terminologies to perform precise and accurate medical and healthcare translations. Mars Translation tailors the translation according to our client’s needs and delivers quality translations in a fast turnaround time. Our Korean certified translation services make sure that you get accurate medical translations when catering to the Korean medical industry.

Our subject matter experts produce precise Korean medical translations. Whether it’s a clinical trial or medical research, name it and your desired document will be translated accordingly.

Korean Document Translation Services
Korean Document Translation Services

Korean Business & Finance Translation Services

Looking for a Korean translation agency to translate your business docs into Korean? We are known for our excellent services and the fastest translation that outruns other competitors. We also provide industry-specific Korean language translation services serving the business and finance industries. Our successful ventures with clients in the past have made us a reliable team player in the financial world.

We provide translation services to banks, brokers, creditors, investors, etc., to fulfill their business and financial needs in the target language pairs. In order to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience and avoid any trouble, we have hired trained and experienced finance Korean translators.

Korean Technical & Engineering Translation Services

You need assistance from a reliable language services provider with expertise in technical and engineering fields to help you translate complicated technical documents. We, at Mars Translation, provide the best team to supervise and translate the technical documents.

We help you easily get into the Korean market with our excellent Korean technical and engineering translation services. We ensure that our translation solutions help our clients build a credible brand image in a foreign region. Our native experts, with advanced linguistic skills, are dedicated to delivering the best quality Korean technical translation services in the quickest turnaround.

Korean Document Translation Services

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Korean Document Translation Services

Korean Software & IT Translation Services

Launching your software products and IT services in foreign markets is not an easy nut to crack. We provide top-notch Korean software translation services for desktop publishing, technical writing, system support, and many more. Our team of specialized linguists contributes their skills by translating the content most appropriately to retain the original meaning so that you can survive in the Korean market.

Our Korean native translators possess linguistic proficiency and have sufficient industrial exposure to provide urgent translations. We deliver certified Korean translation services to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Korean Gaming & Video Games Translation Services

The gaming industry has created a social buzz in the global market. To capture more share in the Korean gaming market, you need to grab the attention of video gamers and video game agencies. Nothing strikes Koreans more than their native language. To make sure they hear you right; you can employ our video game translation services to enter the Korean gaming market.

Our translators have extensive experience working with gaming agencies and have helped them localize their games for Korean audiences. Contact us to translate your game content, increase your game downloads, and make it go viral.

Korean Document Translation Services
Korean Document Translation Services

Korean to english Translation Services

Are you interested in translating your documents from Korean to English, but unable to find a professional Korean translator? You have come to the right junction. Because we, at Mars Translation, provide high-quality Korean to English translation services. We also provide English to Korean translation services for all types of content to enhance the content quality whilst maintaining the original meaning.

We do not deviate from the contextual meaning and provide consistent translations. With flawless translation, you can achieve your goals in a fast turnaround time and at an economical rate too. Get in touch with us to get further assistance on translations.

Our Native Korean Translators

Our professional translators are here to help you and dig you out of misery. With native experts, we provide professional Korean translation services that cover all the dialects of the Korean language. Our professional and native Korean language translators have a strong grip on various dialects, which gives them an additional edge to produce quality content in a short period. Use our translation services and let our native translators help you localize your documents for the Korean market.

Our native translators will bring a professional touch to your documents that will help you cater to Korean speaking audiences.

Korean Document Translation Services


Mars Translation leads its services to multiple industries in multiple languages.


We offer seamless translations at the fastest possible turnaround time. The total time needed depends on your content’s complexity and overall word count.
Mars Translation offers very economical game localization solutions. The total charges depend on the language pair, the project’s complexity, and the content word count. For details, you can visit our ‘Detailed Pricing’ page.
Mars Translation is an ISO-certified translation service provider with years of experience in legal translations. We have top-class Korean translators and provide exceptional-quality results by following strict quality control procedures.
Yes, we do! At Mars Translation, we provide website translation services for more than 230 different languages. Thus, no matter how many languages you want to get your website translated into, we can help you out.
Mars Translation is a reliable source for technical translations into over 230 different languages. We have the expertise, knowledge, and skills required to provide crisp and accurate technical translations, and you can count on us for quality results at reasonable rates.

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