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Latvian Document Translation Services

Mars Translation provides a professional Latvian translation service for all sources and types of Latvian documents. We support all sources of legal documents, contracts, informational booklets, promotional catalogs or user menus. Our linguists are native Latvian translators who are experienced in all industries and formats of translations. They can translate from Latvian to English or English to Latvian. We also localize the translation to meet the needs of the local market.

  • Course outlines
  • Schooling informational booklets
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Production guidelines
  • Service menus
  • Informational booklets
  • Service agreements
  • Products agreements
  • Tourism booklets
  • Promotional guidelines
  • Telecommunication materials

Latvian Website Localization Services

Mars Translation is a professional provider of quality Latvian website translation services. We provide translation services for all formats of websites, including HTML, HTML5 or PSP, we also localize the translation to adapt to the local market and cultural needs. Our linguists are native Latvians who are experienced and trained to bring you only the best.

  • Educational websites
  • Travelling websites
  • Online shopping websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Food industry websites

Latvian Interpretation Services

Mars Translation will be your best Latvian interpreter. Our native Latvian linguists are experienced in all occasions of interpretations, such as meetings, face-to-face conferences or online meetings. We represent and interpret for all parties with localized speech for a better understanding. We are trusted by our clients and have years of experience.

  • Online conferences
  • Company meetings
  • Phone conferences

Transcription Service

Transcribing for Latvian is a simple process on Mars Translation, as we are professional and experienced Latvian transcription service provider. We support all sources and types of transcriptions, such as movies, audios or oral speaking materials. Our linguists are professionals and experienced in all industries of transcription. We promise a high quality transcription to fulfill all your needs and the target market with localization.

Subtitling Service

Mars Translation is a one-stop service provider for all your Latvian translation needs, including professional Latvian subtitling services. We support the formats of movies, advertisements or any source of audios. We localize the subtitles to meet the needs of the local market and media scope.

Voiceover Service

Mars Translation is your trusted language service provider for your Latvian voice-over needs, as we are a professional Latvian voice-over service providers. We support all sources of advertisement audios, online videos or documentaries. Professional voice artists at Mars Translation are experienced in all industries and styles of voice-over in meeting your needs of customizing.

Interesting Facts About Latvian Languages

  • Latvian is the official state language of Latvia.
  • It is also sometimes referred to as Lettish.
  • There are about 1.3 million native Latvian speakers in Latvia and 100,000 abroad.
  • Altogether, 2 million, or 80% of the population of Latvia, speak Latvian.
  • Of those, 1.16 million or 56% use it as their primary language at home.
  • The use of the Latvian language in various areas of social life in Latvia is increasing.
  • Latvian is a Baltic language and is most closely related to Lithuanian, although the two are not mutually intelligible.

We Are Certified

Mars Translation is a certified company that strictly follows the standards of ISO and ATA. Our promise of high quality translations and fast turnaround is guaranteed. Your content will be safe with us, your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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