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Mongolian Document Translation Services

Mars Translation provides quality and efficient Mongolian documents. We support all kinds of sources and formats. We translate legal documents, menus, guideline or contracts. We translate from Mongolian to English or up to 108 languages of your choice. Our linguists are natives and professionals in all Mongolian translations. We provide document translation services for the following types of documents:

  • Purchases contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Insurances documents
  • Learning materials
  • Performance materials
  • Surveys
  • Evaluation forms
  • Immigration materials
  • Immigration applications
  • Driving materials

Mongolian Website Localization Services

Need website translation from Mongolian to English or English in Mongolian? Mars Translation is what you need, as we provide professional Mongolian websites translation services for all sources, formats and industries. Our services are combined by a team of professional and experience web developer along native Mongolian linguists. We localize the translation to meet the needs of your website and market.

  • Floral websites
  • Plantation websites
  • Dairy industry websites
  • Company official websites
  • Design websites

Mongolian Interpretation Services

We offer professional Mongolian interpretation for all occasions, whether they be formal or casual. Interpreting speeches, meeting or audio is part of our many services. We interpret from Mongolian to English or English to Mongolian. We only provide professional interpretations that proudly represent the image of your company on Mars Translation.

  • Medical interpretations
  • Telecommunication interpretations
  • Social interpretations

Transcription Service

Need Transcription services for movies, dramas or audios? We provide professional Mongolian transcription service for all sources and formats of MP3 or online sources. Our transcriptions are completed by professional Mongolian linguists with many years of experiences. We localize the transcription to meet the needs of your media scope.

Subtitling Service

Mars Translation provides professional Mongolian subtitling services for all movies, dramas or audio files. The subtitles are completed by professional in-house Mongolian linguists who are experienced in all formats and types of subtitling. We can customize the subtitles according to the Mongolian culture and make sure they fulfill your every need.

Voiceover Service

Need someone to be the voice of the audio or film, or need someone to speak the language for the local market? Mars Translation provides a professional Mongolian voiceover service, and we only hire native Mongolian speakers. Our speakers are experienced in voiceover and presentation of all source and industry films. We deliver with a fast turnover in which quality is always guaranteed.

Interesting Facts About Mongolian Languages

  • The Mongolian language is the official language of Mongolia and largest-known member of the Mongolic language family.
  • The number of speakers across all its dialects may be 5.7 million, including the vast majority of the residents of Mongolia and many of the Mongolian residents of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
  • In Mongolia, the Khalkha dialect, written in Cyrillic, is predominant, while in Inner Mongolia, the language is dialectally more diverse and is written in the traditional Mongolian script.

We Are Certified

Mars Translation is a certified company that strictly follows the standards of ISO and ATA. Our promise of high quality translations and fast turnaround is guaranteed. Your content will be safe with us, your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

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