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Wolof Translation Services

Translation for Wolof documents, websites, transcriptions or interpretations are part of Mars Translation’s renowned services. We provide professional Wolof translation services for all sources and formats. Our services are provided by professional trained native Wolof linguists, who are also experienced in Wolof localizations for the market adaptation. We translate from Wolof to English, English to Wolof or any pairing languages under your choice. MT provides professional and quality translation to suit all your needs and satisfaction.

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Wolof Document Translation Services

Mars Translation has a team of professional and experienced Wolof linguists for Wolof translation. We translate books, magazines, handbooks or user guides, and we support all formats of translations. We translate from Wolof to English or English to Wolof. We are trusted by thousands of customers all over the world.

  • Healthcare Information
  • Food Guide and Safety user
  • Reports Translation
  • Certificates
  • Education Information Catalog
  • Business Proposal
  • Investment Proposal
  • Employment and Legal Contracts
  • Government Environmental Report
  • Science Analysis
  • Company Annual
  • Immigration Information
document translation services

We translate the following types of documents:

  • School certificates
  • Achievement certificates
  • Employment certificates
  • Business certificatesSchool certificates
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment guidelines
  • Employment reports
  • Emails
  • Letters of requirement
  • Legal letters
  • Driver licenses
  • Operational licenses

Wolof Website Localization Services

Localizing and translating Wolof websites are one of Mars Translation’s many services. We offer expert Wolof website translations for all sources and formats of websites, including HTML, HTML5 or PSP. We translate for all industries including fashion, business, food or tourism. Our service is provided by professional Wolof linguists and web developers who are experienced in many translations styles and formats.

  • School website
  • Product and service website
  • Education training website
  • Personal website
  • Tourism website
  • Online shopping website

Wolof Interpretation Services

Translation or interpretation of Wolof is easily serviced at Mars Translation, as we offer professional Wolof interpretation service. We interpret from Wolof to English, English to Wolof or a language of your choice. We provide interpretation services for conferences, ceremonies or online visual conferences. Our team of professional Wolof interpreters are experienced and natives. We provide interpretation service for the following:

  • Face to face interview
  • Product release conference
  • Speech delivery

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