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4 Things To Do After You Have Received Your Divorce Decree


Several times, when two people, who decide to end their marriage, go through a very difficult time during this process. After you receive your divorce decree, it is finally declared that your marriage has been terminated. Once the judge issues you a divorce decree, it is only confirmed when the judge signs and then, later on dated. Once this happens, the court will mail you a copy of your final divorce decree.

Divorce is a simple process in China, when both the parties mutually agree, and there are no children involved. According to the Chinese government, if you want to get a divorce, you have to go to the Foreign-Related divorce registration division to file the divorce. In order to file for a divorce, according to the law, there are certain requirements that you need to follow. For that you will have to bring along a signed divorce agreement by the parties, the ID card and hukou book of your spouse with your passport.

Want to know more about what to do after you receive your divorce decree, get hold of the Chinese Simplified divorce decree translation services. Since, the divorce decree is available in the form of a document; you can make use of the document translation services, especially if you are not aware of this language. Here are the 4 things you can do after you have received your divorce decree.

Read the Divorce Decree

It is a very surprising fact but most people do not read their divorce decree. They often make the mistake of assuming what is in this decree, but don’t take the time to read it. You have to take time to read your divorce decree, so that you can not only make sure you know what it contains but also check to see there are no mistakes.

While reading this decree, be sure to make a list of all the obligations that you and your former spouse have to do, and also check out the deadlines that have been set for this work. If and when reading the decree, you see any mistakes; you can contact your lawyer to have them corrected.

Follow Through On Your Obligations

After reading your divorce decree, you will have a complete list of all the tasks that you need to be complete. Don’t try to violate your divorce agreement because you forgot to complete the duties that were obligated to you. Similarly, you also need to keep a close check on your former spouse’s obligations. If, for instance, he or she fails to perform the work within the deadline, follow up on that.

It is not very easy to do, but try to hire the best language translation services, if you have no knowledge about the language that is spoken here. Also, those who have already filed for divorce, and want to know what they need to do after that, can take help from the Chinese Simplified Divorce Decree translation services.

Update the Necessary Documents

If you think about it, your former spouse’s name is most probably mentioned in several financial and legal documents. Your legal name and address may also have changed, so, now is the time to update the necessary documents. Among those of which are as follows:

  • Your will
  • Your power of attorney
  • Documents where your former spouse has been mentioned as a beneficiary, as in receiving pensions after retirement and life insurance policies
  • Emergency contact information, with either your employer or your children’s school or day care center
  • Bank accounts, loans and credit card accounts
  • Tax withdrawals

These are some of the things that you can do after the divorce decree has been received. But still, if you have any more questions relating to this topic, take advantage of the Chinese Simplified Divorce Decree Translation Services.