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7 Steps How Translation Services Help To Apply For a Driving License

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A license is a permission granted to a person issued by the legal authorities to allow you to fulfill an occupation that would be otherwise forbidden by the law. Similarly, a driving license is also an official document that allows you to operate one or more motorized vehicles such as a motorcycle, car, truck or a bus on a public road without any supervision. The laws relating to driving licenses vary in different countries. In some countries, a license is issued after the person has passed a driving test while in others; a person gets a license before he starts to drive.

In the Middle-East, there are certain specific rules that you need to follow if you want to apply for a driving license. If you have never driven before nor do you hold a driving license, then, you need to undergo training at any authorized driving school. After completing the training and passing the test, there are certain documents you have to submit while applying for a driving license. These include the original and copy of your passport with a residence stamp and valid visa, 8 recent photographs and a copy of your eye test. Want to know more about this issue, check out the Arabic License Documentation Translation Services.

Several people, living in the Middle-East, are not familiar with the Arabic language. What they can do is take advantage of the Document Translation Services. There are several steps on you can apply for a driving license. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • The applicant first, has to report to the staff at the inner reception, and get a token with which he then, has to wait in the waiting hall for his turn to come. On his turn, he will be called upon by announcing his name. He has to report to the ID card room, where the officer on duty verifies his ID card number from the NADRA office.
  • After this verification, the applicant then goes to the Medical Examination Room. Here, he will be checked regarding his eyesight, deafness, blood pressure or any other serious disease to ensure that he is fit to drive safely.
  • After that, he then proceeds to the data entry room where the applicant will need to provide the details of his personal information such as his permanent address, his mobile phone number, his blood group, his passport number, and details of his old license, if available. The applicant also needs to submit a copy of his ID card, blood report and all the other relevant documents.

If you feel that, you are maybe some other people, cannot read or understand this language, you can take help from the best Language Translator Services. Along with this, you can also hire the Arabic License Documentation Translation Services, if you need assistance in applying for a driving license in the Middle East.

  • The next step is the biometric room where he is required to give his E-thumb impression on to the E-Thumb detector. After that, his E-Signature is taken on the E-Signature pad. A photograph of the applicant will also be taken from a digital camera and finally all of this will be stored in the Central Data Base.
  • In the theoretical test room, a theory test is conducted on the computer touch screen that consists of two parts. In order to pass this test, he has to give 9 correct answers out of 10 in the test for traffic signs and on the other hand, 7 correct answers out of 10 relating to the traffic rules test.
  • In case of a fresh applicant, he has to appear for the first practical driving test. During this test, he shall be examined regarding Vehicle inspection, seat and mirror adjustments, starting and unparking the vehicle, how to safely drive and control of the vehicle. This test will also be based on the reversing and turning the vehicle.
  • After passing this test, appearing in the second practical driving test is required. Here, the skills of the vehicle control, its movement, lane discipline, how to overtake, usage of indicator, properly observing and following the traffic signs, will be analyzed?

If the applicant fails in any of the above tests, he can apply again after a period of 14 days. In case he does not pass the tests in3 attempts, he will have to apply from the very beginning and go through the whole process again. But if he passes all the tests, he is issued a valid driving license. You can get hold of the Arabic Translation Services, if you have any more queries about this issue.