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Albania – The Dream Destination for Adventure and Nature Lovers


Albania holds a prominent position in the European tourism industry due to its ideal location on the Mediterranean coast and abundant natural beauty. There are several brochures, catalogues, video recordings etc. uploaded by Albanian tourism companies that can convince you to visit this exotic place.

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Albania is a small country occupying an area of around twenty eight and a half thousand square kilometers. Yet, it offers a variety of well-preserved beaches, mountainous landscapes and wetlands; it proudly resides fourteen national parks, each of them unique and beautiful in their own way.

Seasonal Attractions

The climate of Albania remains pleasant throughout the year and its summers are very sunny, and warm. November to April is the peak time for snowboarding, snowshoeing and ski-touring in the northern region and some hilly areas of the south. January to December is the favorable period for rock climbing and people can easily reach mountain tops by paved paths and trails.

February to May is soothing because of the mild enjoyable weather and the best time for river-rafting, boating, fishing and other water related activities. Summers of Albania are perfect for those who wish to spend their vacations entirely on the beach; the number of tourists doubles this season, between May and September.

National Parks

Number one on the list is Butrint National Park, located in the south of Albania and home to a vast range of plants and animals. It also has ancient archeological remains in the midst of its jungle like surroundings of tall trees and scattered shrubs.

Another popular attraction is Llogara National Park, situated in the mountainous region and one of the finest places for outdoor activities like paragliding, hiking and mountain biking.


Albania has Pebble beaches, sandy beaches and island beaches; a few private/untouched beaches are an icon of the purest natural beauty of the earth.  You will experience the loveliest sunsets and peaceful environment in addition to very fresh and appetizing sea food. The top 5 beaches are Ksamil, Himara, Borshi, Dhermi and Lukova.

Ksamil is the most calm and secluded, with glorious turquoise waters. Himara is extraordinary with its Greek origin and population. Borshi has a countryside touch to it; bounded by orchards, hills and grazing animals. Dhermi and Lukova are faced to crystal clear seas and rocky bays; they are more crowded during summer, being nearer to urban areas.

This is just a handful of the natural treasures you can explore in Albania. There is so much more for all the fans of nature, and unlimited activities in the wild for the adventurers. If you wish for more intimate details of the mentioned tourist spots, check out Albania’s tourism websites.

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