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Basic Marketing Tactics of Drug manufacturers


Good marketing is essential if you want to make any sales in the pharmaceutical business. In the midst of a crowd of competitors, it is smart marketing strategies that will help you rise above. Several products may exist in the market that have the same function as your drug; what to do to make your creation stand out?

When you’re planning to launch your drug internationally, you need to make sure that people of all nationalities are able to respond to your marketing measures. To accomplish this task, you can hire a Certified Language Translation Services Company to make all your drug-related data available in multiple languages.

For example, if your company resides in Saudi Arabia and you want to distribute your drug all over Asia, you will use Arabic Marketing Translation for translation of all kinds of marketing materials.

The traditional and most widely used approach for marketing drugs is by going straight to the best medical professionals in town. Drug manufacturers hire pharmaceutical representatives/reps that literally chase doctors, begging for a fraction of their time. 

Pharmaceutical reps typically ‘over-sell’ a product; their job is to exaggerate the qualities and functions in order to convince listeners that it is exactly what the world needs. Doctors are provided with free samples and requested to prescribe the drug to their patients. 

It is important to highlight why your drug should be preferred over several others like it in the market. You can press on high quality by showing that you have multiple certifications; present proof that your products are made from very high class materials unlike others.

Another tactic is setting a lower price; you could claim that you are providing a product that is equivalent in function to a competitor’s item, but costs less. When making connections with overseas doctors, it is important that you address them in their native language.

Suppose you’re trying to convince an Arabic physician to recommend your drug to his patients; use Arabic Marketing Translation so that he/she gets a clear concept of what you are trying to sell. With the help of Medical and Healthcare Translation Services, you can transform your medicine brochures, labels, and any other informative documents into different languages.

Many commercial or over-the-counter drugs are marketed through television commercials and roadside billboards. For example, to advertise a cough syrup they may show a teacher who is unable to convey his lecture in class due to a bad throat. Then he takes a dose of the cough syrup and is as good as new in no time!

Advertisements like these are likely to get attention of the average person; almost everyone watches T.V and notices street ads when outside. Pharmaceutical companies may hire famous actors to increase the impact of their products’ commercials.

Expand your marketing scale by producing a variety of products and become a brand name. To achieve this target a larger audience and go global if possible. Language Translation services can enable you to reach people in any part of the world; for instance, Arabic Advertising and Marketing Translation Services for potential clients in Saudi Arabia.