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Certified Translation Services in Mumbai

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Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is the largest city of India and a cosmopolitan metropolis. Located on India’s west coast, Mumbai is the capital of Indian state of Maharashtra and is the largest city by population (21.3 million in 2016).

It is also the wealthiest city of India and is a commercial and business agglomeration, comprising of thousands of small and large companies and startups. Marathi is the official language spoken in Mumbai along with Hindi and English.

Mumbai city, being a giant commercial hub, offers exciting opportunities for startup firms and well-established organizations alike to take advantage of its diverse business environment.

Companies seeking to expand into India would naturally want to make an impact on the largest city of the country and capture its audience. To do that effectively, a reliable translation partner can make things easier for the companies which are unfamiliar with this commercial cosmopolitan.

Mars Translation is the ideal translation partner when it comes to expanding in Mumbai.

Why Choose Mars?

Mars Translation is a renowned name in the world of translation and localization, offering translation services in more than 120 global languages. Having an expert army of 5000+ professional and native linguists,

Mars Translation has been providing seamless translation services to its customers for almost two decades. Its affordable, quick, and efficient translation service is what sets it apart from its competitors. In addition to all this, here’s why Mars Translation is your ideal choice for translation services if you are seeking certified translation services in Mumbai:

Quality Certification

Mars Translation does not compromise on quality. Therefore, it has a range of quality certifications that make its translation services one of the top quality ones. Mars Translation is ISO 9001:2008 certifies and holds credible certifications from GALA.

The company abides by GDPR compliances and has been delivering quality translation services to its 4500+ customers for more than 15 years.

Diverse Services

Mars Translation not only provides translation services, it also delivers a host of other services that makes it one of the top-rated translation companies. These services are website localization, software localization, documents translation, E-commerce and E-learning translation, and games localization.

If you are an international business wanting to get into the diverse Indian market, you can get all of these services at affordable rates in addition to getting certified translation services in Mumbai.

Affordable Pricing

When deciding to expand into other countries, one challenge that most companies have to face is cutting down on costs and the only way to achieve that is to take the support of translation companies that offer affordable translation rates.

But these companies are hard to find and most of them have hidden charges. Mars Translation solves that problem by offering affordable rates of as low as $0.044 standard charges per word. No other translation company can offer these low rates without compromising on quality.

Quick Turnaround

Another problem that most companies face is the turnaround of their projects which can often take weeks and months, causing delays in the whole translation process. With Mars, that is not a problem either as the native and professional linguists of Mars are adept at handling all types of translation content, taking only minimal time to return the translated projects. With Mars, you would not have to worry about delayed projects at all.

Streamlined Process

Unlike many other translation companies, Mars Translation’s specially designed translation portal makes sure that all your projects are taken care of without any hassle. This streamlined translation support goes a long way in delivering all your localized and translated content in a seamless and integrated manner so you don’t have to worry about your translation projects.

Customer Support

After you have gotten your translated projects, you can be assured of a seamless customer support by Mars Translation in case of any query or issue. These localization and translation experts are present 24/7 to address to all translation and localization-related queries and provide the support you need to localize effectively in unfamiliar markets.

To consult our localization experts for free, click here.

Final Words

Mumbai is a commercial cosmopolitan, offering diverse business opportunities to all companies seeking to make an impact in the Indian market. Mars Translation makes that goal of companies achievable by not only providing certified translation services in Mumbai, but also taking care of all translation and localization needs of the companies—without any hassle or worry.