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Certified Translation Services in Singapore


In this era of globalization where business are heading beyond boundaries. Mars Translation wants you to be a part of global business and helps you in reaching emerging markets in no time. Mars Translation is a translation platform which is providing certified translation services in swift turnaround time and economical rates.

Our pool of native linguists and subject matter experts will help in translation of documents, E-commerce translation, Website translation, Video translation, E-learning and Dtp file conversion.

Stringent quality measures are taken while handling various certified translation projects. Words are the power and they speak your business. We makes these words stay in the hands of professional translators who provide their clients with accurate and precise certified translation.

Our 24 hours helpline service is there to assist you. Mars Translation is just a click away so what are you waiting for. 

Our Certified Translation Services

Mars Translation has pool of certified native translators from around the globe who provides you with precise and accurate certified translation with high quality standards. Each translation project is handled by subject matter experts who provides you with state of the art quality in fast turnaround time and affordable rates.

Our services are recognized by top notch companies of the world. The credibility and reliability of our certified translation can well understand by customers testimonials on our website.

How much does it cost?

At Mars Translation we provide our customers with flexible pricing that matches their requirements. Project management tools has made it possible to reduce overhead costs. Our seamless and economical translation rates are the lowest among competitors with no hidden charges. Our low affordable rates don’t affects stringent quality standards of our Services.

Why choose Mars Translation  

Mars is providing certified translation services with rapid results in most affordable rates without compromising on quality. Mars has an experience of two decades in translating array of content types.

Legal Document Translation

Legal document translation is very sensitive and complex. Legal terms are language in their selves and requires a subject matter expert who have a thorough knowledge of legalese. Error in legal translation will result in wrong decisions, loss of money and reputation. Knowing the importance of legal translation services, We have a team of subject matter experts who knows the terminologies of different legal systems around the globe and are native to the language which you are targeting.

We Provide legal Translation Service Including:

  1. Contract translation
  2. Summons translation
  3. Patent and trademark filings translation
  4. Deeds translation
  5. Litigation document translation
  6. Immigration document translation
  7. Witness statement/deposition translation
  8. Legal certification translation
  9. And Many More

About Singapore

Singapore is basically an English-speaking country. Here the question is why there is a requirement to translate English documents and contents into different languages in Singapore. Singapore is most travelled city in Asia with the major population of Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians.

There are four official languages spoken in Singapore which are English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. To enter a Singapore’s market it is essential to get your documents translated to these languages.

Mars translation has tailored its services according to the specific needs and requirement of Singapore’s people. Providing one-stop globalization platform to manage global business transitions and our precise, accurate and affordable services are helping many immigrants and expatriates who are currently residing in Singapore.

Many top Notch Companies who used our services are satisfied by superfast and quality stringent translation services. Their testimonials on our website shows that Mars Translation is considered to be most reliable certified translation company in Singapore