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Consecutive Interpretation Services by Native Professionals

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Consecutive Interpretation can be a very tricky business since it requires complete concentration. In this kind of interpretation the translator is present in the same room as the speaker. The speaker is required to pause after every few sentences which allows the interpreter to explain the content of speech in the target language.

Our professional interpreters are trained for such tasks. Their qualifications along with their extensive experience ensures appropriateness, accuracy and precision in the content interpreted on spot.

When should you hire a consecutive interpreter?

Hire a consecutive interpreter if;

You want an interactive environment at the event.

One of the biggest advantages of consecutive interpretation is that the speaker pauses after speaking each sentence which allows the listener to react and respond accordingly after listening to the interpreter. Unlike what is presumed, the interpreters takes a lot less time since they are trained to be extremely precise and accurate. 

You don’t want to use any specialist equipment.

This kind of interpretation does not require any special equipment because the interpreter is sitting right next to the client. Any additional information or clarification in between dialogues can also be passed with the help of notes.

You do not require real time translation.

Consecutive interpretation is most suitable in events that require the content to be translated in one language. In bigger conferences such as the United Nations where the number of foreigners is higher simultaneous interpretation works best.

Occasions Suitable for Consecutive Interpretation

  • International Business Conference
  • Business Negotiation
  • Academic Report
  • Seminar
  • Press Conference
  • Court Trial

Why should you hire Mars Translation's interpreters?

It’s simple, we take our job very seriously. There is absolutely no space for mistakes and we understand that. Our interpreters are savvy multitaskers who are capable of handling the pressure that comes with interpreting on site. We believe in religiously following our quality centric approach which has manifested itself into hundreds of satisfied customers over the years.

We have an extensive screening process for all our interpreters which tests their language skills including pronunciation, vocabulary and accuracy of interpretation. We are extremely pleased to own the most talented and experienced pool of interpreters globally. Get Free Instant Quote Now!

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