English-Speaking Countries in Africa

By: Ricky vela Posted on Mon, 22-07-2019

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Being the second-largest continent in the world, one might wonder if there are any English-speaking countries in Africa. And the answer would be yes, there are. English translation service? Again, a yes, considering that it is not one or two but twenty-four countries that speak English, you will definitely need those translation services.

With a population now shooting over 1.3 billion people and 54 countries, Africa has been the hub of diversity for a very long time now. With diversity, there also comes a great number of languages. Because of the remnants of colonization, there are still Anglophone countries that fall on the list. These countries are:


Like many other countries located in West Africa, Ghana also has English as the official language. It was during the colonial times that English was passed on to the Ghanaians by the British.

Today, it is being used everywhere around the country, including in-office, in media, and in business.


Just like Ghana, Nigeria also inherited English from the British during the colonial era. It makes it one of the countries with English as the official language in West Africa.

In some regions, especially the urban regions, more dominant English speakers can be found.

The Gambia

Since the time of colonial rule, English remains to be the official language of Gambia. Presented by the British, it is still widely spoken in the country. However, Wolof is also spoken widely as a first language.


Just the same as other West African countries, Liberia also speaks English officially. It has been a notable language ever since the country was founded.  

Sierra Leone

English has been the principal language of Sierra Leone ever since British rule. Bengali is the second official language of the country, while other non-official languages are also widely spoken.

Saint Helena

Saint Helena also belongs to the list of countries that speak English as the official language. However, they have their own dialects that are not very easily followed by outsiders.


English was made the official language by the British during colonial rule. It is the language of the government, media, business, and education.


Arabic remained the official language of Sudan for a long time until it was removed and English was made the only official language of the country. It is now the principal language of the country.


English and African were made the official languages after the First World War. Before which the German colonized the country for three decades. Now English is the primary language of the country.


From the forty recognized languages, English is the official language of the country. A majority of the population speaks and understands the language.


English and Swazi are the two official languages of Swaziland. People are well-versed in the English language as it is the language of business, education, and the media.


English is the official language of Tanzania in addition to Swahili. English is used widely and effectively in many parts of the country.


English and Setswana are the two official languages of Botswana. And while Setswana is the national language of the country, the business language remains to be English.


French and English both are the official languages of the country, as it was colonized by both French and the UK at different times. There are many languages spoken in Cameroon, but these two are the only official ones.


Just like Cameroon, the official languages of the country are French and English. Before the country was taken by the French and then the UK, the country was colonized by the Dutch who overtook it from the Arabs.


The country of Kenya has two official languages that are English and Swahili. While Swahili is the national language English was only adapted during the colonial rule of the British.


Also adopted only during colonial rule, English is the official language of Lesotho. However, the Sesotho - also an official language - is more widely spoken in the country.


The people of Malawi speak Chewa and English as their official languages. English was brought to the country during the colonial period as well.


The country has three official languages among which one is English. During British rule, English was spread throughout the country and it remains to be the official language till date.


Also a country with three official languages including Arabic, Tigrigna, and English. English was introduced after the Second World War


English is one of the four official languages of Rwanda. English was introduced in order to sustain a place in the global market and international business.


Somaliland also has three official languages, English, Arabic, and Somali. During the colonization of the North-West, English was introduced and has stayed ever since.

South Africa

English is one of the many official languages of the country. It spread when the British took over from the Dutch in the 1800s.


Zimbabwe is a country that has fifteen official languages, in addition to English. The English language was made official during colonial times by the British. Other languages are also widely spoken in the country.

In Conclusion:

Africa is among the largest continents of the world in regards to both area and population. Taking into consideration the diversity that it offers, it would be impossible to not have English-speaking countries.

Turns out, there are not two or three countries by 24 that speak that language. All of which adopted English during the colonial rule of the British and have not let go of the language since.

Even if English is not the national language of these countries, it is spoken and understood in all these regions. It is also the business and education language of these countries.

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