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English Speaking Countries in Asia

English is an international language. People that can speak and write English face no problem in dealing with the masses. In Asia, people want their children to learn English. For this reason, they put their children in English-speaking schools.

English-speaking people can roam around the world easily. No matter, if they only know English,  they can easily start their business in foreign lands. For instance, if they want to tap into Singapore, despite the fact that they don’t know the official language of Singapore which is Malay.

They can start their business because they know that people in Singapore can understand English. Moreover, if they want to communicate with the target market in their native language then they can go for Malay translation services.

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Do you want to know English Speaking Countries in Asia?

English is a language that has the privilege of being the most spoken language in the world. Around 1.2 billion speakers around the globe can speak English. In Asia, there are few native English speakers but many people speak English as a second and third language. Let’s dive into the English-speaking countries in Asia.


Singapore is one of the developed nations in Asia. It is an Asian country that is ranked fifth in high proficiency in English. The English proficiency Index of Singapore is 66.82. It shows that the majority of the Singaporean population is proficient in English.

In terms of gender, Singaporean men are leading women because men have an EPI score of 67.06 whereas women have a score of 66.58. The people of Singapore are proficient in English because their medium of instruction is English at the primary level.


In terms of English proficiency, the Philippines is ranked in second position among 25 Asian countries. English proficiency in the Philippines is 60.14%. Moreover, men speak more English than females with a statistic of 60.14 whereas women are not much behind with a score of 59.96.

As far as IELTS is concerned, the Philippines comes in the seventh position with the highest average scores. Filipino is the official language in the Philippines but just like in Singapore, the medium of education in the Philippines is English.


Just like in Singapore and the Philippines, English is not a medium of instruction in Malaysia, s schools but still, the English proficiency of Malaysian people is better than in other Asian countries. At present, it is ranked at third position in English-speaking countries in Asia. As far as genders are concerned,

Malaysian males speak English with a statistic of 60.2% and females with a score of 57.87. You will find English speakers in Kuala Lumpur and other urban cities whereas English is less spoken in rural areas and the coast side of the country.

Therefore if you are not aware of Malaysia, s official language then you must go for Malay translation services so that you can communicate with the people of rural areas and the coastal side.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an emerging economy in Asia. It was formerly ruled by Britishers so English rule has greatly influenced the language and culture. English proficiency of Hong Kong residents is 55.63%. Due to British rule, the education system of Hongkong follows the United Kingdom.

But to your surprise, Cantonese is also used as a medium of instruction. People are taught both in English and Cantonese language. One important thing to note is that contrary to other Asian countries, Females of Hong Kong are more proficient in English with a score of 55.91 and males are behind them with a score of 55.20.


With a population of a whopping 1.3 billion, half of the population can speak English. As Indo-Pak was also ruled by Britishers so Indian people learn English because they think it will make them successful.

English is the secondary official language of India. All the administration and business operations are done in the English language. The EPI score of India is 55.49% which is considered moderate.

At present, India is in 5th position in the list of English-speaking countries in Asia. Unlike  Hong Kong, women of India are more proficient in the English language than men with a score of 59.93% and men are behind with a score of 55.10%

Wrapping Up

English is a lingua franca. English can fulfill all your communication requirements but if you want to target the audience of  Indonesia and you don’t know their official language then no need to worry.

Apart from English communication, you can take the assistance of Indonesian translation services. Because people tend to buy products and services that are in their native language. Be very careful in selecting a translation service company from the pool of companies.

Select the company that employs native translators because they can provide you with translation from the English language to multiple languages.

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