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4 Tips for an Effective Legal Translation Services

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Legal reports are a series of reports that contain the judge’s opinion from a selection of cases that the court decides. When the opinion of the judge is accredited, which has the opinion printed, decides on the format of the case. In countries where common law is practiced, court opinions that are legally bound require the court to follow the legal principles that have been set before by a court of superior jurisdiction dealing with similar set of facts. This way, everyone including the lawyers and judges can find out what exactly the law is.

The legal status of people in the Middle East, have been changing since a long period of time. Custom laws, imported European laws and several other reformed versions have affected the people here, very awkwardly in the different Middle-Eastern legal systems. Legal issues involving especially the women’s status in the Middle East is quite different from those in the west. Although the feminist organizations tend to be small and also lack remarkable input into the political process, their status has not reached any results. Want to know more about the legal reports in the Middle East, hire the Arabic Legal Report Translation Services.

A lot of the legal reporting is done on a document. So, those who can’t read or understand your language can make use of the Document Translation Services. Legal reports serve as the primary purpose of informing either the lawyer or the judge of the legal issues in a case. These reports fall into two categories- objective memos and the other is a legal memo. Let’s check out the process of writing a legal report.

Question Presented

The first part of the report is identifying what the legal issue is about. While determining the legal issue, always research on the matter on hand at first. The legal issue always needs to reflect the laws that are applicable to the subject, therefore, seeks to identify the law that is relevant.

Short Answer

Once you have identified the issue, you need to provide an answer of what the law says about the subject matter. Here, you don’t need to think of what is right or wrong but mainly emphasize on what the law is saying about this. For those people who cannot read or understand Arabic, even though they are living here in the Middle East, you can help them by hiring the Arabic Legal Report Translation Services.

Statement of Fact

If you are writing a persuasive report to a judge, it is very crucial to state the story from your client’s point of view. But if you’re helping out another lawyer who wants an objective opinion on a case, give him the straight facts. Including only relevant facts, narrow them down to only the ones relating to the legal issues and let the court decide.


This is the most important part while preparing your legal report. It provides the information on all the legal issues and also on how they need to be decided. The primary goal here is to apply the laws that are relevant, identify which legal arguments are best supportive and finally the outcome that you would like to achieve. Always make a start by explaining the rule of law and then follow by applying that rule to your report.


Conclude your report in such a way that it is short and simple stating the outcome. Do not include new arguments in the conclusion but do state what the outcome needs to be under the court of law. Since, legal reports are similar to legal memos, people being unknown to Arabic language, can take advantage of the Arabic Translation Services. Being an outsider, if you want more information about how the legal reports are prepared, make use of the Arabic Legal Report Translation Services.