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Guidelines on How to Obtain Your Federal Firearms License


According to the law, every civilian in possession of any arms and ammunition is enforced to obtain a Federal Firearms license. Laws and regulation of owning any sort of ammunition is different from state to state, and country to country. Even if it’s your occupation of buying, selling or maybe even repairing guns, you are required under the federal law, to obtain a Federal Firearms License. In addition, manufactures, dealers, importers and serious collectors, who are in this business, are obligated to get a Federal Firearms License.

Under the Thai law, it is obligatory for everyone to obtain permission before manufacturing, selling, buying and ordering firearms. Possessing a gun without a license is highly prohibited here. You are not even allowed to bring a gun with you into a city, neighborhood or any public place, if you don’t have a license. Exceptions can be made only for emergencies, totally depending on the situation, for government officials and law enforcement officials.

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Check If You Meet the Requirements

There are certain requirements you need to check on before you apply for a gun license. You will have to meet all of these requirements in order to be eligible to get a Federal Firearms License.

  • You have to be at least 21 years old.
  • You are not an illegal citizen, but instead you are a resident in the country where you either have an existing business or you want to start a new business.
  • You do not have any criminal record, meaning that you have never broken any law.
  • You have never broken any federal firearms law, like buying or selling any guns without any proper license.

Understand Why You Need a License

According to the law, the Federal Firearms License does not give you the permission to carry any sort of firearms. It is basically just a business license, which is not intended for personal use. You are also not allowed to conduct any sort of business, which will go against the local and state laws.

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Ensure That Your Business Meets Local Regulations

If your business cannot be proven or if it does not comply with the rules and regulations of the local law, then your license can be denied. You have to be able to legally sell firearms from your listed address. Your business address cannot be a P.O.Box; it has to be a correct address.

Obtaining the Correct Form

If you want to apply for a license, you also need to get an ATF Form 7, from your local ATF office or by downloading it from the ATF website. Once you have downloaded the form, open and then fill it out. Make sure to disclose all the required information requested on the application form.

Get Fingerprinted

You will also need to be fingerprinted by a local law enforcement agency, and then, this will be included with your application form.

Include a Photograph

You have to submit a passport sized photograph, along with your application form. This photograph has to be taken within 6 months from the time you send the application, with your full name written on the back.

Pay the Fee

Paying the appropriate fee with your application is very necessary. You can either pay by check or debit/credit card, depending on the purpose why you are using the license.

Mail Your Packet

This is the last step of applying for a license, where you have to submit your completed application form, your passport sized photograph, your fingerprints and finally the fee to the Bureau of Tobacco, Firearms, Alcohol and Explosives.

Following these steps will help you to apply for a firearm license. But if you have any more inquiries, take advantage of the Thai License Documentation Translation Services.