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Instructions for Writers of Medical Case Reports


At times authors of medical case reports may be assigned data that is wholly or partially in a different language. This is when Russian Translation Services are the gizmo that can chase away their problems. Other times they may have doubts about the format; there they can refer to case report forms.

For finding out the format for a particular country like Russia, you can use Russian Clinical Case Reports Translation Services. If you wish to get your case report published in a medical journal, make sure it is original and interesting. Your work shall be a valuable contribution to the medical industry and fulfill one the following norms:

  • Previously undiscovered side effects of a drug
  • Unpredictable symptoms of an illness
  • New links or variations to a disease
  • Detection or management of newly emerging syndromes
  • Unusual connections between different diseases or symptoms
  • Unforeseen occurrence during observation of a patient

When writing the abstract, do mention how your case report will prove to be a useful input to medical literature; otherwise your submitted work might be rejected or returned. It is also important to add reviews of all old cases that relate. While reviewing foreign cases, do apply Documents Translation Services so that you can fully process the data.

Also look up templates and filled out case report forms to guide you in organizing your manuscript. For unfamiliar languages such as Russian, you can use Russian Case Report Forms Translation. Another key requirement is to get patients’ written consent before publishing any information related to them.

Key elements of your cover letter:

  • Do you think your report is innovative to its kind?
  • Will it increase understanding of a subject?
  • Will your work interest a specific group or a wide audience?

Submit your work personally or let it be submitted by a fellow author if applicable; don’t leave this task to somebody who has not contributed in the written data. The first page of your report must be the title page including a dedication. On the next page you shall add the abstract that is ideally less than three fifty words; avoid using references or abbreviations here.

Divide your abstract into three parts:

  • Introduction: Tell why your case is important and worth publishing.
  • Case Presentation: Concise information regarding the participants and associated protocols.
  • Conclusion: Impacts and level of significance according to the size of audience that will gain benefit.

Do not forget to insert 3 to 10 keywords that will represent the central subject matter of your manuscript. “Discussion” is a non-compulsory segment that you can add to your template in case you want to give further remarks relevant to the case that cannot be a part of the case presentation section.

Provide a list of abbreviations at the beginning and give credit to each author by specifying his/her total contribution in the paper. When you use someone else’s material, always cite it with reference. Do not hesitate to get assistance from Quality Translation Services such as Russian Case Report Forms Translation Services if necessary.