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Key Policies and Procedures for Any Child Base Nursery


A policy contains a set of principles, which help you to decide and achieve reasonable results. It is also a statement of your objective, implemented as a procedure or contract. Policies can easily assist in both the subjective as well as objective decision making. Even when we talk about child base nursery, there are policies that you have to follow there as well. Here, the policy is to ensure as far as practical the safety, health and welfare of the children it cares for, without affecting the staff members or any other persons involved.

In Thailand, there is a special trust made to directly work with the children, in order to promote their safety as well as security. This trust recognizes the dignity and rights of the children, taking on full responsibility and duty to show respect and care for the children. The Thai people, along with its staff and volunteers, work very hard to create a safe environment for the children, and to prevent them from physical, sexual or emotional abuse. For further information about the different trusts that are available here in Thailand, hire the Thai policy and advice translation services.

Though, you can find several books that have been written on this topic, you can still take advantage of the document translation services, if you are not aware of the language here. Here is a summary of the key policies of any child base partnership.

Security Policy

There have been several steps taken in order to ensure the security of the children here. Attaching an intercom at the main door completes the first step towards safety. All the outdoor areas are securely and firmly blocked, and all the gates are fixed with secure locks. Before sending your child to the nursery, you will have to fill out a Collection of Child Authorization Form, giving details of individuals, other than parents or guardians, whom you authorize to collect your child from the nursery.

Safeguarding Policy

This nursery is dedicated to the welfare and protection of all the children in its care. The main goal is to protect the children from any harm; by ensuring them that all the safety measurements are properly implemented. This nursery believes in working with the parents in order to follow these guidelines. All the staff that is employed at this nursery is totally experienced and therefore fully checked out.

Most of the people working here may experience a huge communication gap, only because of language differences. Here, taking help from the best language translation services can be very helpful for everyone. Other than this, make use of the Thai Policy and Advice Translation Services, in case you want to know more about the policies and procedures that are followed towards the welfare of the children.  

Behavior Policy

All the staff and the volunteers here in this nursery, believe in encouraging and praising good behavior. The children also benefit tremendously where there is a consistent and positive approach from the management. The staff is properly trained to create a secure environment, encouraging the children to be aware of the surroundings, by setting up certain routines and procedures. The biggest goal is to provide a consistent, secure and calm environment for all the children present here.

Special Diets Policy

Child base has a custom-made menu, which is prepared in cooperation with a dietician and the members of the kitchen teams. In addition, food is also prepared for vegetarians, children who have medical preferences, allergies, and cultural and religious needs by producing a unique meal for each child.  So, basically the menu is prepared in such a way to cater the needs of each child.

Evacuation Procedures

In case of any emergency like fire, all the alarms will make noise and the nursery will be vacated in a very planned and precise manner. In the event the nursery cannot be used even after the evacuation, then alternative arrangements will be made for the children to be taken to a safe place.

These are just a few policies and procedures taken for the safety and security of the children here at the nursery. If you have any more questions regarding this, take advantage of the Thai Policy and advice translation services.