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The Top New Year Resolution – Eat Healthy, Get Fit!


At the end of the year comes Christmas – a time for extravagant feasts and celebrations. In the spirit of the season, you won’t say ‘no’ to a second slice of apple pie or even faintly resist a serving or two of eggnog which alone contains over 300 calories!

It is the day after Christmas when you start to notice the extra pounds you’ve gained and realize you haven’t worked out in ages. It’s just a few days till New Year and the time for making resolutions; that’s when and how eating healthy, losing weight or getting in shape makes the top of your list.

Speaking of eating healthy, the food culture of Armenia is a good example of diet constructed upon ancient medical beliefs for good health; myths about medicinal value of herbs are passed from one generation to another. Traditionally, fruits are an important part of the Armenian diet whereas the use of meat and dairy products is secondary.

To learn more about Armenian food, it is best you rely directly on Armenian literature, which can be translated into any language using Armenian Diet Translation. You can also retrieve visual food diaries and use professional Interpreting Services for subtitles or written format of recipes.

Eating healthy is not about restricting to specific food items and literally starving yourself. It’s actually something wonderful that makes you feel better inside and out; overall freshness, no fatigue and no constipation. It’s about balancing your diet by eating portions from all the food groups in the right amount.

When your body receives all the essential nutrients, energy level and metabolism increases steadily. You feel active and physical exercise doesn’t seem like a dreadful task. Don’t stick to a all-protein diet or diets that consist entirely of fluids; they might show quick results, but will absolutely degrade your health in the long term.

Carbohydrates are fats are not bad; it is excess of everything that becomes an issue. It’s totally okay to eat your favorite bar of chocolate every now and then or get your meal up-sized at McDonalds. Eat whatever you want but don’t skip on fruits and vegetables which are your source of essential vitamins and fiber.

Prefer home-cooked meals made from fresh ingredients rather than ready-made packaged foods. Avoid carbonated and sugar loaded drinks – replace them with plain water and drink plenty of that.

Now giddy up and don’t wait until the end of New Year celebrations to start working on your resolutions. Start warming up on New Year’s Eve by cutting back on the cake and champagne. Why not prepare something new for the occasion that is healthier and equally delicious?

Try Armenian Cuisine for a change which is full of naturally healthy and nutritious ingredients. It is an utter delight for the vegans with its endless variety of non-meat and non-dairy dishes. You can easily purchase Armenian cook books online in electronic format for cheap.

Search for renowned Armenian chefs to get hold of the best recipes. If you do not find the right cook book or recipe in your language, employ Armenian Diet Translation or Book Translation Services.