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Translation Services: How Bills Of Exchange Are Used While Doing International Business


Bill of exchange is basically an official letter, which has been issued by a bank, at the responsibility of either an importer or buyer, of goods sold to an exporter or seller, authorizing him to design drafts relating to the payment under specific terms and conditions. In other words, it is a document that is issued by a bank guaranteeing the payment of the drafts made by the importer for a certain period of time and also for a specified amount.

In China, with the steady growth of the world trade, the bills of exchange have been used a lot, as means of making payments in international settlements. They also have been circulated internationally on a very wide scale, which has transformed the national boundaries, determined according to their nature and functions. It is very necessary and commanding to make a steady globally accepted law on negotiable instruments, in order to safeguard their use. If you want to know more about how the bills of exchange are used in China, take help from the Chinese Simplified Bills Of Exchange Translation Services.

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  • In an international trade, the bills of exchange are used in the form of a negotiable instrument, which is made by the exporter or seller, addressing the importer or buyer. Once the goods are shipped, documents that are required for import, along with the bills of exchange, are submitted to the foreign buyer. The bill of exchange contain information regarding details about the shipment, amount of invoice that has to be received from the foreign buyer, bank details, the time the payment has to be received etc.
  • The exporter writes the bill of exchange on his letter pad and signs it, which is later send to the buyer, through his bank. Once the documents have been received by the overseas buyer, the bill of exchange is accepted by signing it. When the bill of exchange has reached its completion date, the buyer pays the decided amount to the supplier of the goods he has purchased, through his bank.

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  • There are certain specific documents that are required to submit while doing business with the international clients. Some of them are as follows.
  • The commercial invoice is the first basic and complete document, which is required in this transaction. This document has a set of details that has information relating to the goods, the price that has been charged, marks and numbers of the packages and also the terms pertaining to the shipment.
  • Next is the bill of lading, which is issued by the shipping company, that acknowledges the fact that the goods are either been shipped or need to be shipped. It’s also responsible to keep a check on the goods if they are in complete order and condition, as is required by the overseas client.
  • If the goods are being sent by air, the transport document is called the airway bill. This document performs 3 functions, in which it has to forward a note along with the goods, a receipt of the goods that are being offered, and also the authority to take over the delivery of the goods.
  • Bill of exchange used in the form of a draft, is the payment that is made during an international business. It also includes an unconditional order, signed by the seller, giving directions to his bank to make a specific amount of payment to the buyer’s bank, at a certain period of time.

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