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Turkish Birth Certificate Translation

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Turkey, the country straddling eastern Europe and western Asia is one of the most advanced and rapidly developing countries of Middle East. It is a central hub of commercial and economic activity in addition to having a fusion of intermingling cultures combined into one.

The official language of Turkey, Turkish, is the most widely spoken languages of Turkic languages with an approximately 10-15 million native speakers in Southeast Europe and over 83 million speakers worldwide. Being such a widely popular language, it is not a surprise that many people are seeking to translate their documents in Turkish language.

One such document that needs translation is the birth certificate that is an extremely important document vital for visa and immigration applications, as well as for academic records and citizenship.

If you are a British national or a student taking admission for higher studies in Turkey or just an individual preparing to shift to this picturesque Turkish hub, you will most likely need a certified Turkish birth certificate translation.

Translate Your Birth Certificate

This is where Mars Translation comes in.

Mars Translation is a reputable name in the localization and translation industry, having almost two decades’ worth of experience in translations of documents of all types. Read on to find why Mars Translation should be your ideal choice for a translation partner:

Quality is the Key

Since its inception, Mars Translation has maintained its quality translation and localization services in order to give maximum support to its customers. Mars Translation understands that delivering high quality is the key to getting ahead of the competition, and its services sure uphold those quality standards.

Being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified translation company, Mars Translation is also a member of GALA, in addition to abiding by the GDPR regulations. Quality is termed as the core criteria of all services and Mars Translation delivers nothing but quality translations.

Multilingual Services Support

Given that Mars Translation has been in the translation and localization business for more than two decades, it has developed and expanded its service portfolio to include a wide range of services such as website and software localization, E-commerce and E-learning platform localizations, game translations and Desktop Publishing services.

This diverse range of services make Mars Translation one of the few translation companies covering a wide array of services.

Translation and Services Support

Mars Translation not only believes in providing quality services to its clients, it also assists them in case they have any query or want some assistance in services.

That is why its expert linguists are present 24/7 to assist the customers with any kind of services they require. Not only that, Mars Translation also provides free consultation services to anyone willing to seek knowledge about the translation prospects in other languages.

Wide Industry Coverage

If you are a local citizen of some country, aiming to move to Turkey permanently, you would definitely a certified Turkish birth certificate translation in addition to translation of other documents.

A full translation support is what makes Mars Translation stand out from the crowd. That is why it delivers translation solutions for not only birth certificates, but also for other documents belonging to academic, medical, E-learning, electronic, retail, entertainment, and legal industries, irrespective of the volume or word count of the documents.

Certified Linguists

Mars Translation is backed by the support of more than 5000 expert translators who are professional in their areas of expertise and languages, having translated more than 30,000 documents in various languages.

They are not only adept at handling large volume documents but are also proficient in delivering these translations before the due date. With Mars Translation, you will not have to worry about the due date of your projects as these expert linguists take care to deliver your files before the due date.

All Languages—Covered!

While it is true that delivering translations of documents in Turkish language is not a problem for the expert linguists of Mars Translation, it is also true that these linguists can cover translations in more than 120 global languages.

Whether you are a US citizen seeking certified Turkish birth certificate translation or a legal expert seeking translation of legal documents in Turkish, Mars Translation has got you covered.


Translating documents is a tough task, especially translation of birth certificates that needs careful attention to detail, but with Mars Translation, this document can be easily and seamlessly translated with no delays or hassles.

It doesn’t matter if you require certified Turkish birth certificate translation or any other localization service, Mars Translation is your best partner for translation and localization.